Advantages of Dye Sublimation Printing


Dry sublimation printing is better than any other type of printing as it produces better image quality. In this printing a special type of ink is used and the printing technique is also different from other printing types like common inkjet or laser printing technology.

Inkjet printers vs dye sublimation technique

In other printers, many times inkjet or laser spreads the ink on a page and then discolor it. But the dry sublimation gives heat to vapor out the solid ink which it uses. The vapor makes the image on the paper surface and when they dry they get their hard form. The most helpful and advanced technique one can get from this type of printing by using a good quality printer is that it is not dependent on the old techniques.

Better quality image from dye sublimation

Dye sublimation from a dye sublimation printer creates a crisper picture with its newer technology and gives a boost to the images what is made by it. The solid ink first vapors and then it spreads on the paper then it dries and makes it a better quality image and there is no chance of space between the color dots as you can never separate or identify the color as dots. The color fills the gaps between the dots through gradation and this is why you cannot be able to find any gap between the dots. That is why the ultimate target image looks very beautiful and separate from other type of images and looks quite natural.

One of the best advantages one can get from this type of printing is that is lasts rally long than the other printing formats. Inkjet printers prints one dot or pixel at a time on its surface page that is why it is not able to give a natural look and better quality image. But dry sublimation is a newer technique and has advanced technology. It just does not paint the target area with a color brush it actually pervades the solid ink material and transforms the ink into vapor rather than a simple liquid form. This vapor makes greater impression to the surface area than a simple liquid and it does not easily fade out or worn out quickly. It attacks the target area with its vaporized material and fills all the areas equally. And if you take care of that painting properly then it will last for long.

So, buy or hire dye sublimation printing machine and get the best use of them.