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In case you are purchasing a pre-owned bass, completely examine the bass. Even better, get the bass examined by an encounter bass fix bass pro shops coupon prior to getting it. It is more secure to accept a pre-owned instrument needs set-up work.

Here are the significant segments that may require set-up work:


The scaffold needs to fit the bass with the end goal that when it is situated accurately, the strings are situated effectively over the fingerboard and at the legitimate stature. The feet of the scaffold ought to be molded with the goal that they fit the shape of the highest point of the bass. The focal point of the extension ought to be situated with the straightforwardly between the indents on the f-openings. F-openings are the openings, molded like the letter F, on the highest point of the bass.

Some upstanding bass scaffolds have tallness agents. This permits the player to change the stature of the extension. I would suggest that a starting upstanding bass player have a scaffold with agents. On the off chance that the scaffold is excessively low, it will restrict the sound of the instrument, however it will make it simpler to play. As the starting upstanding bass player advances and comprehends this impediment, the scaffold can be slowly raised.


For best playability and sound, the fingerboard ought to be appropriately molded. It ought to be by and large level, however take into account the strings to vibrate. Instruments directly from the manufacturing plant will in all probability have to have the fingerboard molded by a talented luthier. More seasoned instruments might have to have the fingerboard re-formed. In case there is a sufficient measure of wood staying, this should be possible in a way like new instruments. The fingerboard on an upstanding bass is a strong chunk of wood that holds its shape. In contrast to the electric bass, there is no support bar. When the fingerboard is appropriately molded, it ought not require any set-up for a long time.

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