Building a Speaker Box

Building a Speaker Box

First of all, one has to know that installing any kind of car electronics is certainly not a picnic. Fixing all the electronics and cables where they are not intended to go in has many unique challenges for even the expert installers. To build custom speaker enclosures can be a very creative part of the task. Car stereo fans really love to install a box. The sound of the deep and smooth bass is hard tough job inside of cars environment.

Two types of boxes can be considered, the sealed box  15 inch speaker box and the vented box. The sealed box is nothing but an airtight enclosure whose purpose is to enhance the performance of the speaker. The vented box is also known as bass-reflex or ported systems, they are more complex to install but their performance jump is valuable. Vented boxes channel sound to the front and rear on the cone. They also have a better bass sound. The instructions explained are for a sealed box. Much more detailed instructions available online for both vented box and sealed box. Whichever one decides will improve the sound quality in the car significantly. Following is a step by step procedure for completing the task.

Step One:
First, the dimensions of the box have to be determined in which the speakers will be placed. Several pieces of wood about half inch thick are needed for the walls and the top of the speaker box. All the materials and tools needed should be laid out.

Step Two:
For building the enclosures needed, a circular has to be taken and shapes have to be cut out. Its rough edges have to be trimmed and sanded well. Liquid nails have to be used when foaming the enclosure between the connections for creating a powerful bond. A port for sound might also be needed to install for the sound to spread better. The wires have to be now installed for connecting speakers to the stereo.

Step Three:
Now when the wiring has been done and the boxes sealed tightly, the speakers can be installed. The wires have to be carefully soldered because the vehicle’s vibration will affect them. A set of screws should be obtained with the speakers which are available at any hardware store. Finally, the order of the band pass should be determined as this will determine the amps and capacitor derivatives.

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