Have You Included Dairy Products in Your Weight Loss Program?

Have You Included Dairy Products in Your Weight Loss Program?

All of us trying to lose weight have tried number of weight loss programs including dieting, exercise etc. But for how long do we stick to a particular program? The problem is consistency and a program that does not make you eliminate your favorite dairy products completely from your diet. We consume products like eggs, milk, butter, cheese, cream, yoghurt etc. in our day-to-day life for a good number of years and then there sudden disappearance from food intake is definitely a burden.

I don’t deny the fact found out by researchers that eliminating a Purie food group completely from your diet do result in weight loss. But it’s temporary and also unhealthy way of reducing weight. Dairy products contain many essential nutrients necessary for our bodily functions. Yoghurt is one dairy product made of milk and live bacterial cultures that promote good health and makes for a perfect mid-day snack. It helps in digesting food and is known to be the first health food ever discovered. Other than over 10 nutrients needed by our body, it has heaps of calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin B12.

If you are dieting and are not sure if dairy products are a good idea, then stick to regular home-made yoghurt instead of artificial flavored and frozen yoghurt. Dairy Australia suggests that over 80% of Australians consume dairy foods every single day in either liquid or solid form. You won’t find a single superstore without any offers on dairy items. Given the health benefits of this food class, it is not a bad idea to stock it up and eat or drink nominal quantities everyday so as to without disturbing your weight loss program and yet building bones.

If you are planning to do your own research about whether to include dairy food or not in your dieting program, let me warn you that you are going to end up totally confused. While many researchers claim that including dairy foods aids weight loss, there are others suggesting the exact opposite. The best way is to not eliminate any food group completely from your diet and choose those dairy products in your daily food intake that are nutritious and non- fattening.

For example, while it’s a good idea to stop eating ice-cream and butter, it will be healthy to eat yoghurt and drink a cup of milk. So, make an informed decision about which products will help boost your immunity and should be eaten regularly.

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