Healthy Alternatives to Energy Drinks

Healthy Alternatives to Energy Drinks

Workouts without energy are like electronics without power. During and after the workout, it’s crucial to replenish the vitamins and minerals that we lose through exercising. Today, energy drinks are the beverage of choice for many exercisers. While they’re selling like hotcakes, it turns out that many of these so-called “healthy” energy drinks often aren’t the best choices. Several of them are loaded with sugar, caffeine, and other ingredients that create a short-term energy boost, with few (or no) real health benefits. Here are some energy drink alternatives that you should consider:

1. Green Tea.

If you need to boost your energy levels, this is one of the best eco straws  natural drinks you can choose. Black tea is another excellent option. Green tea and black tea are natural alternatives to energy drinks that are loaded with added caffeine. These healthy beverages also include many other health benefits, including their being loaded with antioxidants. As an added bonus, you can enjoy both hot and cold green tea.

2. Herbs.

Certain herbs, such as ginger, bee pollen and gotu kola are excellent for boosting your energy level while exercising. In fact, many of them can also keep your energy levels at an optimum level throughout the day! Besides that, herbs are bursting with flavor.

3. Juice.

The key is to drink the right type of juice. Many of today’s prepackaged juices are loaded with sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and flavors, and other unhealthy ingredients. But that doesn’t mean that juices are always unhealthy! If you absolutely must have juices with sugar, then look for those that are 100% natural. And choose juices with “cane sugar” rather than refined sugar. One of the best options is to create your own fruit and veggie juices. Not only does juicing provide you with a healthy alternative to energy drinks, but it’s also cheaper!

4. Sleep.

Besides increasing your body’s energy levels, sleep also extends how long you can exercise without becoming fatigued. Different people need different amounts of sleep, though healthy adults typically need about 7-8 hours on a nightly basis.

5. Vitamin B.

The B Vitamins are a fantastic way to boost your energy levels naturally. What’s so special about them? Vitamin B helps the body to use glucose for energy. It also promotes the creation of blood cells that aid in transporting energy. Grapes, avocados, and bananas are some excellent fruits that will boost your energy levels during and after exercise routines.

6. Water.

Did you know that roughly two-thirds of our body’s weight is made up of water? You’ve probably heard that we humans should consume 6-8 glasses of water on a daily basis. While that’s true, you should drink more if you’re following a workout program. Make sure to sip water during your sessions, to avoid dehydration. Water provides the body with several benefits. It removes toxins, improves blood circulation, and prevents dehydration. So drink up!

Before opening another can or bottle of energy drink, think twice

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