Know The Difference Of Homemade And Preorder Food


If you are someone who knows to cook, then there’s simply nothing better than homemade delicacies. It’s delicious and as well as safe. Food that’s safe to eat is packed with many nutrients as it is made with best quality in the comfort of your own home. And what’s better is that you know it’s made to consume taking note of the best hygienic ways possible. The question arises when its preorder food as nobody except the cook, knows what hygiene measures they have taken in preparing food. Clean food is crucial for the wellbeing of our everyday lives. Below is some food cleanliness facts that we ought to know which will informative enough to understand how clean are the food we consume.

A clean sink is a fresh start

The kitchen sink is the start and ending point of a meal preparation. In a normal household the kitchen sink is a place that is constantly cleaned and kept free. However can we be sure of the same from large scale industrial kitchen or any other third party kitchenette where we preorder food from? We simply cannot be accountable for the way most people cook and prepare food and if it is fit for consumption. Food items need to be washed thorough
ly before preparation and prior to that the kitchen sink needs to be cleaned before placing any of the food items. The infamous store that has catering equipment in Brisbane states that unlike sinks can hold more than 100,000 bacteria than a whole bathroom.

Chop off dirty chopping boards

Some of the homeowners may not know this fact, but did you know that the cutting board that is used daily and washed daily still contains roughly more than 200% of bacteria lurking than a toilet seat. If that sounds pretty much gross then consider the amount of gross bacteria that is involved when preparing and consuming meals. Many catering equipment in Brisbane common practice is the use of varied chopping boards for the different types of food. This same practice needs to be carried out in homes as well. Cookon Commercial Catering Equipment offers the best line when it comes to commercial cooking equipment such as cooktops and the like. 

Incorrectly treating food items

A mistake that is carelessly looked upon on is placing of hot food in the refrigerator in the motive off cooling it down for consumption. This is a crime that is been treated otherwise due to negligence and lack of knowledge. If hot food is placed in the refrigerator to cool it down, the heat in the middle of the food stays longer and the outer tends to get cooler. This creates the perfect environment for harmful bacteria to multiply.