What Does A CPA Firm Do?

A public accounting firm provides services to their clients, which include but not limited to preparing, reviewing and auditing financial statements of businesses, tax consultation, income tax returns and tax planning, financial strategies like mergers and acquisitions. Their clientele may comprise of enterprises like private firms, service based companies, governments and even individuals. 
The arrays of services these companies provide vary according to size of the company and their area of expertise. The people employed to do this job are called Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), who work for a public accounting firm. Public accounting firms, on the other hand, can range from having a few hundred employees from smaller firms, to big multi-national firms, consisting of thousands of CPAs across the world. For those looking for a CPA firm in hong kong, you will find the best of the best in the business offering their services to you.
Among the common tasks that come under a public accountant’s portfolio are auditing, tax consulting, forensic accounting, and financial consultation, among others. They also perform bookkeeping tasks and budget analysis. Most places, including Hong Kong, require public accountants to be certified to perform activities like audits and others. And a CPA firm in hong kong can meet the demand. Although the criteria may vary from place to place, however, in order to become a certified public accountant, an individual is required to have a Bachelor’s degree at least, along with relevant work experience in the related field, before being eligible to appear of the certification. The universally accepted examination for CPAs is the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination. Most CPA firms comprise of public accountants at various stages of their career, with a good mix of young as well as seasoned professionals. Some places have regulations that prohibit individuals who are not licensed to analyzed financial statements. Jurisdictional restrictions are prevalent as well, although a great deal of practice mobility has been seen in this industry. To be successful in this field, exposure and expertise in most areas of accounting becomes imperative for continuous and sustainable business growth, check this business centre.
Over the years, many CPA firms have differentiated between auditing and consulting tasks, and they usually maintain independence between these two, to uphold professional ethics and guidelines. As a public accountant grows up the corporate ladder, they drive the strategy and business development of CPA firms, manage customer engagements and supervise the tax consulting and audit processes. Some CPAs also choose to work in private practice while still others become CFOs, partners or directors of various firms.
Being in a CPA firm has become a niche skill-set over the years, with lucrative monetary compensations. A certified professional gains the cutting edge over other non-certified accountants in the area, due to additional training and experience.