4 Causes for Yellow Teeth and How to Avoid Them

Yellow teeth are not desirable for anyone. It is neither hygienic nor attractive, so you must maintain a distance from yellow teeth. Various kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes claim to clean the teeth properly and remove yellow teeth. But it all depends on how you brush your teeth and how much time you spend doing it. 

There are specific causes of stubborn yellow teeth that are not easily replaceable. So, let’s understand the causes of yellow teeth and how to avoid them. If you have teeth problems in McGill, you can visit any mcgill orthodontics for the best treatment. 

What are the Causes of Yellow Teeth? 

There are various reasons for yellow teeth, some such that you can avoid them using simple tricks. So, the causes are as follows: 

Genetic Issues: Teeth color is also associated with genetics. Sometimes the crooked teeth are due to genetics. Similarly, there are yellow teeth which are also from genetics. In this situation, the situation is a bit difficult because we cannot change our genetic attributes. 

Age: It is one of the essential factors that causes yellow teeth. The enamel that protects our teeth wears down when we age, and the dentin is visible. When the dentin becomes visible, it is already a bit yellow; when the enamel is unavailable, it becomes more yellow. Therefore, it is the most critical factor for yellow teeth. 

Antibiotics: Use of antibiotics before the age of eight makes the stains of yellow marks on teeth. When a child is in the process of having permanent teeth, and during this period, if antibiotics are used, they can form yellow teeth. It is because they can deposit calcium on the teeth in yellow color. 

Food and drinks stain: Some food and drink colors mark the teeth. Some of the culprits for stains on teeth are coffee, tea, dark-pigmented juices, cola drinks and other edible items that leave marks on teeth. 

How to Avoid Yellow Stains on Teeth?

  • Avoid using drinks frequently, as they may leave a mark on the teeth. If you have your favorite beverage, you can use a straw as it will bypass the teeth, and you can avoid yellow stains. 
  • Maintain dental hygiene, brush daily, and floss your mouth to remove unwanted bacteria. If you leave your mouth unbrushed, it will lead to the growth of bacteria and cavities. 
  • Rinse appropriately after eating because you must clean the food remnants in your mouth. If you cannot remove such remnants, you can have cavities and yellow stains. 
  • You can also visit your dentist to find out how to whiten your yellow teeth. They can suggest some lifestyle changes or recommend some medications for treatment. 

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