Age reduction by facelift

Facelift or face lift surgery K. Pulling the face down to the level of the SMAS muscle layer, keeping the facial skin smooth and tight, pulling the sagging skin to be naturally tightened according to the structure of the face. Hide beautiful and smooth wounds with a new technique to hide scars that has never been done before. Different from the traditional facelift, the result is a firm face with a beautiful figure. firm and smooth skin looks young in every dimension. You can be confident in every view. Correct the problem of sagging skin around the cheeks, chin

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Facelift surgery should start from people aged 45 years and over who have sagging skin problems. Wrinkles on the forehead, deep cheek grooves, hanging cheeks, wrinkled neck, crow’s feet when smiling, etc., which can be corrected to look younger by pulling on the face. It is the fastest way to see results, although most people still feel scared because it’s a major surgery. but at present Surgical techniques have evolved a lot. Fast and highly secure And more importantly, the current price page has become more tangible. Therefore, most patients are satisfied with the results as well.

If talking about Face Lift facelift in the past

Facelift surgery in the old days The purpose was to lift the face, smooth and reduce wrinkles of age. In the old days of facelift, 5-10 years ago, a surgeon would perform surgery on the excess skin on the face and tighten it. by pulling the page in a horizontal straight line (Not pulling the face along the frame of the face) The result. It actually makes the skin tighter. But the skin is noticeably uneven. Area around the face and in front of the ear It also leaves facial scars that are clearly visible around the face frame and hairline. After a while, the face became wrinkled again because the old-fashioned facelift pulled only the skin and outer layer of fat. The old facelift didn’t go deep into the SMAS layer.

There are 5 layers of our face, the skin layer, the subcutaneous layer. muscle layer under the muscle and bone covering In the past, the technique of facelift surgery The surgeon will only pull epidermis layer, dermis layer and subcutaneous fat layer only This can be done easily and quickly, but the disadvantage is that it doesn’t last long, sometimes 3-4 years and it will fall.

What is the SMAS layer?

The muscle layer–SMAS–is the upper muscle layer It is the deepest part under the skin layer. It is structured as a membranous tissue covering the muscles. That is, the class–SMAS–is The deepest muscle layer adjacent to the bone. which when getting older will sag over time. It is the cause of deep wrinkles. This layer of skin is important for facelift surgery to be able to lift and tighten. And it gives better results than general facelifts that do not go deep into the muscle layer – SMAS.

surgical procedure

– The doctor gave the patient general anesthesia together with the injection of anesthesia.

– Open the wound above the ear to the temple By passing the skin behind the hairline along the edge of the front ear. Then continue down to the earlobe below. Bend around the earlobe behind the ear and up. Then drag it through my hair again to hide the wound. When the wound is completely healed, it will not be clearly visible.

– The doctor will open the skin on the upper part of the face or the saggy part. Then open another layer of fascia and muscles to pull them in two layers (superficial and deep) and the doctor will begin to manipulate the muscles. that affects the wrinkles of the face such as the muscles in the tail of the eyes, the forehead, between the eyebrows, and the muscles in the neck The doctor will suture it to make it taut. Then sew it to the strong part to hold it in place. When completed, the upper leather will be pulled taut. and cut off excess skin that has slack Then sew the skin off to the new place with small threads. It’s finished.

At present, the wounds are sutured to be closed with iron threads like staples. Many doctors use this method to help with some of the hidden stitches in the hair. So don’t panic if you feel it. Because it is only a type of suture device, it is easy to use, convenient, quick, and it doesn’t hurt when removing it.

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