Bit Torrent – BitTorrent Free Download and Software Reviews

You can find BitTorrent in free download sites. It allows you to download files faster than with a direct connection. BitTorrent works with a huge number of “seeders.” If there aren’t enough seeders, a torrent will download very slowly or not at all. More seeders mean a faster download speed. Many sites display the number of seeders on the download page. They help make the process faster by allowing you to download large files with minimal effort.

Although BitTorrent has been around for 13 years, its interface is starting to feel dated. While the UI can be a bit dated, the software has improved over the years. While the BitTorrent GUI isn’t as fast as some of the bloated alternative clients, it is much more ram efficient. It routinely uses up 100MB of ram to process torrents, which is not a problem on most modern PCs. However, if your machine has strict ram limits, this may be an issue.

While seeding isn’t a must-do, it does make a big difference. When you download a file through BitTorrent, you are sharing your IP address with other BitTorrent users. This helps others download the data. Without seeders, a torrent download would take hours, if not days. However, if your ISP detects that your download is using a pirated file, they could throttle your download.

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