Can You Get Hired After Being Convicted?

Being charged with a criminal case can be stressful. It does not only ruin your public image and reputation but risks your future. One of the ways your future might get into trouble after a conviction is when you apply for a job. Any employer conducting a background check on prospective employees can find out about your criminal record. 

Certainly, it does not make you look good to have a criminal record. While some employers are considerate and would give you a chance, leaving the past in the past, some have a zero-tolerance policy for such things. This is why it is important to fight your charges and clear your records with the help of an attorney from the Lento Law Firm

Why do employers check criminal records?

Employers care about their establishment and would like to retain the good name of their business or company. Before recruiting a new employee, they conduct background checks to know whether an employee is fit for the job as well as the company. Employers usually reject applicants with a criminal record because it risks safety at their workplace. 

For example, if the company’s clients or other employees get injured or harmed in some way due to the employee with a criminal record, then the employer may face liability for negligent hiring. In fact, in some highly regulated occupations, employers are legally required to reject applicants with a criminal record, no matter how small the charges may be. 

However, that does not mean anyone with even the most minor connections with the criminal system is not entitled to a job. For example, it may not seem fair to reject a job applicant for a decade-old conviction for drug possession, especially if they have had a clean record since that incident. 

Is it possible to get a job with a criminal record?

Yes. Just because you have been convicted once or twice does not mean the end of your career. While you will certainly experience a harder time finding a good job than others, there is still hope. Many companies knowingly hire people with a criminal record, especially if they have worked towards building their skills. 

If you were convicted a long time ago, or your charges were particularly minor, and you have the skills for a good job, there is no reason you should be rejected. However, you may be unable to protest against the employer’s final decision. 

This is why it is recommended to work with an attorney and work towards proving your innocence. Even if you are found guilty, an attorney can reduce the punishment.

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