Commercial Flat Roof Snow Removal Guide By Big G Roofing & More 

First snowfall is beautiful, everything is covered with a white blanket and creates warm and fuzzy feelings. After a few days, we all want the snow to stop. Snow is a risk for commercial building managers/operators that’s why they always have snow removal service on standby. Snow can cave in a roof, and you need to get a commercial flat roof snow removal service immediately. When you need commercial roof snow removal, call a roofing contractor. Some contractors provide snow removal services with annual inspection packages, and they are light on the pocket.  Roofing systems weren’t designed to carry the extra weight that snow brings, so you must get rid of snow if it’s on your roof.   

Why it’s important to remove snow from Your Flat roof.   

Snow brings extra weight to the roof and snow on a commercial roof cause strain to the structural strength of a building. To keep your structure safe and secure, you should get rid of the snow as soon as possible. There are several ways to get rid of the snow from a flat roof, one is to melt the snow and get the water to drainage systems.   

Ways to remove snow from commercial flat roof  

Ice Melter  

To relieve the stress from your roof during winter, you can use an ice Melter. Ice Melter changes the freezing points of snow and ice. Use an eco-friendly, chloride-free, and non-toxic ice Melter for your flat roof. This will dissolve the ice and drain water from the roof.   

Shovel Method  

Another popular method of shoveling snow off the roof. This method can be dangerous when moving heavy snow which can make the roof supports weak. A human weight added to snow weight on your roof can be the cause of a cave-in.   

Raking Method  

This is a simple and inexpensive method to deal with rooftop snow. You can attach a strong pole to the shovel head and slowly pull the snow to the edge of the roof until it’s removed.   


It’s a quick and effective way to remove the snow and ice from your roof. You have to use hot steam under pressure and spray it on your roof until the snow melts. Before doing this make sure that all the drainage channels are clear and do it during midday to keep the water from re-freezing.  

Steps for Commercial Flat Roof Snow Removal  

Step One:   

If there is anything at the base of the building, move it to a safe distance to avoid any damage. Always use a sign or cone to alert others about the danger.   

Step Two:  

Find a position on the roof where you can stand firmly, and start moving the snow with a shovel. Do it gently to protect the membrane of the roofing system.   

Step Three  

Once you have removed the majority of snow with a shovel, now take the residual to one place and brush it off the roof. Just don’t dig into the roof.    

Step Four  

If the snow has solidified and is snowing now, you might be needing some Ice Melter to do the job for you. Always consult a roofing expert before using a substance, they can guide you better about what works best for your roof.     

Step Five  

Clear the drain channels so that when the frozen water melts, it has a way to go off the roof. If the drainage system is blocked with ice, it will stay on your roof.   


Flat roofs don’t hold extra weight very well and if you don’t have experience of removing the snow before, consider hiring a snow removal company. Snow can potentially cause damage to your roof, it’s always better to spend some dollars on snow clearing than a roof replacement.   

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