Comparing Cyberghost VPN x Hola VPN Premium: Which one to choose?

Which of the two VPNs is better: CyberGhost VPN, or subscribe Hola VPN Premium? We compared both VPNs, the sum of divided points is 7.1/10 : 5.1/10.

Measured speed Cyberghost against Hola VPN Premium, which one is better?

Download and upload speeds are among the most important parameters, and this also applies to CyberGhost and Hola VPN Premium. Here is a comprehensive guide to – learn everything you need to know about this privacy-saving technology in just minutes!

The average of the download speed for the first one from tested reached a value of 169 Mb/s, for the second 112 Mb/s. Cyberghost it showed up to be about 57 Mb/s faster than Hola VPN Premium.

The measurements showed that the average upload for Cyberghost VPN has reached the value of 85 Mb/s. Hola VPN Premium we measured the speed 35 Mb/s, it is therefore 50 Mb/s slower.

The response speed for the first VPN was 12 ms. To competitor Hola VPN Premium , script exposed 27 ms. The lower the response value is, the better, therefore CyberGhost turned out 15 ms better.

Score after first discipline Cyberghost VPN against Hola VPN Premium so is 7/10 : 6/10.

Can CyberGhost VPN avoid Netflix geolocation?

Download speed is key to unblocking foreign Netflix, Cyberghost this option knows. To unblock, you can usually just start the VPN and select the appropriate country, Hola VPN Premium unlock Netflix has.

With a VPN, even blocked YouTube videos can be watched, whereby Hola VPN Premium this skill includes. The second compared VPN to unblock YouTube includes.

Quality VPNs include DNS leak protection and also can handle multi-hop connection, and  ad blocking. Such as Cyberghost provides protection of DNS and Hola VPN Premium for example provides white-listing.

In the Functions section, the score is 10/10 versus 10/10.

Overcome the competition CyberGhost in the range of country offerings?

A lower supply of servers can result in lower VPN speed, Cyberghost VPN has on offer 7 900  servers. By Hola VPN Premium is stated 6 500  servers. So, the first of the duo has about 1400 more .

Likewise, important is the number of countries, for Hola VPN Premium reaches the number of 220. The second VPN has 89, which is about 131 less. Then in this discipline loses.

It is also worth to mention the number of simultaneously connectable devices, which Cyberghost connects 7. Hola VPN Premium will allow to simultaneously connect 10 devices. Read more parameters in the article best free VPN.

What platforms supports CyberGhost and what offers Hola VPN Premium?

The most important VPN parameters include supported devices, Cyberghost can Android, covers iPhone devices. Second Hola VPN Premium iPhone iOS system covers, Android devices can do without problems cover.

The location of the VPN is important with regard to the relationship between the country`s legislation and the sharing of user information, CyberGhost has a home in Romania. The second compared VPN originates in Israel.

App Cyberghost is not available in other languages Hola VPN Premium to other languages also cannot be set.

In the evaluation of supported platforms achieved CyberGhost VPN a grade 10/10 and Hola VPN Premium received an evaluation 10/10.

Price comparison of CyberGhost VPN and Hola VPN Premium

Hola VPN Premium can be purchased starting from $3.15 monthly, the second VPN you can order for $2 monthly. The VPN`s value for money rating is 9/10 for the first of the compared services and 5/10 for second VPN.

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