How Do Bed Bugs Enter One’s House?

Bed bugs can be a resident’s worst nightmare. While most people think that bed bugs attract dirt and filth, it is a misconception. 

Bed bugs are adaptable pests that can live in any environment as long as they are provided food. Food for bed bugs is a share of blood from humans or animals. 

The role of the environment for bed bugs is only to find a shelter to hide until they find their place on a mattress or couch. Once they enter your bed or other sitting furniture, they come out at night to feed on your blood. That is why they are so difficult to spot, as they are not active in the daylight. 

One mistake is underestimating the initial quantity of bed bugs; however, a single pregnant female in bed bugs can efficiently create an entire colony. So if you see any bed bugs in your house, contact pest control service immediately. You can read more on our website about how pest control services can help you permanently remove bed bugs. 

Nevertheless, prevention is always better than cure. It is better to study how bed bugs can enter your house, so you are careful in such situations and take the necessary measures. 

  • Baggage 

Bags and other kinds of luggage are the number one reason bed bugs enter your house. Bed bugs can quickly get into your luggage while you are traveling and, as a result, end up in your home. 

However, they can also be present in the baggage of your guests, and you cannot even restrict them from not getting luggage into your house. Beg bugs are very tiny and can easily find a place in your bags to hide and travel. 

To ensure bed bugs do not start colonies in your beds or couches, you must meticulously check your luggage once you are home. To be safe, wash all your fabrics in the bags with hot water and dry them at maximum heat. 

  • Classes, schools, or workplaces

Places like institutions, schools, or workplaces have a high chance of beg=d bugs being present and traveling from one’s bag to another. As there are so many people in one place, it increases the likelihood of bed bugs transferring into each other’s stuff like clothes, purses, bags, lunch bags, etc. 

If you see bed bugs in your house, make sure to enquire if your workplace or your child’s school has a pest issue. 

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