How is micro fat grafting different from conventional?

Liposuction to inject it. We want our own fat to be useful. But how do you get good fats?

Fat is good for your face. Because the cause of the aging of the skin is The atrophy of fat cells or baby fat continues since we pass puberty.

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You can see that the eyes are hollowed, the forehead is dry, the grooves of the cheeks come, the temples respond, the skin is even more slack according to gravity. In fact, the bones themselves have changed.

Today, let’s talk about the skin first. So where do we have to find fat to replace it? It has to be its own only to receive each other.

Currently, filler or hyaluronic acid is used as a replacement for convenience and easier, as it is a molecule that holds water on itself, making it look fuller, similar to having fat, but yes. It will eventually disintegrate and it’s not cheap at all if it’s genuine. (Which must be genuine. Otherwise, there will be a residue because it is not pure hyaluronic acid), but in order to use real fat to inject it, it must be detailed, easy to inject, not clumpy like a filler that is produced.

So it must be micro. If you just suck it up and inject it, it will form a lump. Not smooth and dead cells. Everywhere that says fat injection Is it micro or not, do you understand fat, micro or not?

micro fat grafting

micro liposuction We have to use a smaller suction nozzle than general liposuction. with a suction that is not too strong (How much does this doctor need to know?)

A suction puncture is a small wound, usually taken from legs or abdomen, but for the doctor, the fat on the legs will be better quality ifvod tv. Cells will be more detailed, tighter, not the same. This is from personal experience. And then we need to spin and separate the cells.

Blend to remove only the fine fat. Shorten the cells to make them more refined by spinning the cells. And cell shortening is useful in making the fat stem cells in the fat cells work better as well. These require more specialized tools.

and every step, every tool exposed to fat But leaving the body until injected back into the sterile level You’ve probably heard of a very dangerous infection. Therefore, fat grafting images cannot come out as a conventional injection in the form of an OPD case, but can only be worn with non-sterile examination gloves and must be performed in a standard sterile operating room only!

When there is micro-fine fat, it can be injected, this depends on the design of each doctor’s face structure. Now spread to the injection technique as well. What type of needle is used?

which injected at which tissue level How deep and everywhere is not a single plane injection. Must be injected at several levels, not injected into lumps, all dead Must be injected into a woven line like weaving a line at all.

At this point, I think all doctors Can a general practitioner do it? Forcing one’s hands to stay still, right, right, right, this angle How much do you need to practice? Injected thoroughly to allow fat cells to touch the tissues with normal blood vessels as much as possible, so he can come back to life. And if it has a vein, then it will not die, unlike filler.

Yes, we can inject 100%, there may be 60-80% remaining depending on the area depending on the amount injected. but already live and then start a new aging together with my face

Micro Fat Injection for Younger Face There is no need to inject to increase the size until the bulge, such as the forehead, cheekbones, depending on the purpose. In order to fill it, we inject it to be beautiful and full, look young, except to increase the size, for example. Injected to enhance the forehead, chin augmentation or cheekbones, we will inject more. So it depends on each question.

Who is suitable for micro fat grafting?

Therefore, the person who can do this is People who want augmentation in some spots or want to have a younger face, their age varies from 20+ to 60-70+. In this case, we may add to the face lift surgery as well, it will look perfect in the results, but the limitation is You must have enough fat to use it. Will use 20-30 cc of fat to inject the face, must be able to absorb 100 cc or more of fat, have to spin and cut down more cells

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