How Long After a Personal Injury Can You File a Claim in Tacoma?

If you have been wondering about the timeframe, the answer is two years. This time frame applies to the majority of personal injury claims. This implies that you have two years from the date of the incident to file a claim for damages in Tacoma through the state’s civil court system for injuries brought on by another person or entity. If you need help finding a seasoned attorney, visit this page.  

What happens when you miss the deadline?

The defendant, who is the party you intend to sue, will draw attention to the fact that you have missed the two-year filing period if you attempt to file a personal injury lawsuit in a court system. The most likely conclusion in this situation is the dismissal of your case. Also, the deadline is equally significant when negotiating a personal injury claim with the defendant or their insurance provider.

If you intend to file a formal lawsuit in Tacoma to pursue your damage claim in court, you must be aware of the statute of limitations. If you have missed the deadline and have not filed your complaint, two years can pass by rather rapidly. If the opposing side is aware of this, you won’t have much negotiating power.

Additionally, the court will approve the dismissal unless some kind of unusual exemption is in effect.

What are the exemptions?

The two-year statute of limitations in Tacoma for filing a personal injury claim may be suspended or delayed in specific circumstances. As a result, the filing deadline would be extended in certain circumstances.

The first scenario is when a person under the age of 18 is involved in an accident or if they suffer from a mental disability that makes it difficult for them to understand their legal rights. In these situations, after the “legal disability” term is completed, the person would have more time to file their personal injury complaint. However, the time limit for filing a claim will not be prolonged for more than five years or more than a year after the person’s impairment has ceased.

Furthermore, according to a different Washington Revised Statute, if the defendant moves out of the state at any time after the accident but before a lawsuit, or if the defendant attempts to “hide” in the state, the time passed is typically not counted in the one-year window.

Final thoughts:

There is no doubt that filing a personal injury case in Tacoma can be difficult due to the complexity and complication of the law. You should contact a legal team straight away. 

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