How to Host a Movie Night

Before you start watching the movie, decide where you’ll sit. If the viewing will take place outdoors, make sure there is a good outdoor signal. Then, choose a comfortable seat and get comfortable, because you’ll likely be sitting for an hour! Then, prepare snacks and drinks for the entire movie-watching experience. Ideally, you should select a dark area where you’ll avoid being bothered by bright lights.

In addition to your usual favorite snacks, you can also purchase some Movienight merchandise. The designs are all done by independent artists and printed on high-quality products in a socially responsible manner. Each time you buy something from the Movienight website, you’re putting money into the artists’ pockets! And, the best part is, every purchase will help support these artists! If you have a passion for films, you’ll love our Movie Night merchandise!

Once you’ve decided on the theme of your movie night, you’ll need to buy tickets for your guests. Movie night tickets come in a sheet with ten tickets per sheet. Cut out the tickets and write the movie’s name in a vertical box at either end. When you’re ready to give out tickets, choose someone to be the ‘cast’ of the movie night. Make sure to set up seating and activities post-movie so that everyone can enjoy themselves.

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