How To Keep Your Lawn Healthy As Spring Turns To Summer

With summer hopefully right around the corner (although you never can tell for sure these days!), the time will soon arrive for spending more time outside. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden with a lawn, you’ll doubtless want to keep it in good condition so that you and your friends and family, can enjoy it while the weather is fine. One way of ensuring the health of your lawn, is to hire a lawn mowing service, but if you’re more of a DIY mower, here are some tips to make sure your lawn is looking summer ready:

Mow your lawn once or twice a week

Grass tends to grow much quicker during the summer months, so it’s wise to mow it at least once a week to prevent it from getting out of control, and to encourage the grass to grow healthily.

That said, you should never mow your lawn when it’s wet or you may cause harm to the soil below, and to the roots. Additionally, you should try to avoid cutting your grass too short, as this will cause it to become weak and susceptible to weed growth and pests.

Keep your lawn hydrated

With much of the UK experiencing significantly less rainfall during the summer months, it’s important to ensure that your lawn stays hydrated if you want it to survive and thrive.

However, take care not to over water your lawn, as this will give you a root system that’s shallow, and cause the turf to become weak and brittle. Not only that, but too much watering can provide the ideal environment for weeds and moss to grow.

Watering your lawn twice a week should suffice, and try to do so first thing in the morning. The air is typically cooler at this time of day, meaning that it won’t simply evaporate in the heat, or encourage the growth of fungi should you water in the evenings when it’s dark and colder.

Cure your dried out lawn

A lack of rain or watering will quickly cause a lawn to become hard and to dry out, so make sure you turn the soil over with a garden fork before you turn on the hose, as this will stop the water from simply running off and not being absorbed by the soil. Alternatively, if your lawn is looking particularly sad – no matter the time of year – and you don’t have time to tackle it yourself, you can hire a local gardening service to get it back to its prime.

Watch out for summer creepy crawlies

Spending time outside enjoying the weather and your garden, can easily be spoiled by an invasion of any of the following common garden pests:

  • Ants

Sweep away ant mounds (nests) before they damage your lawn’s root system, or cause problems for you when it comes to mowing.

  • Bees

Bees are incredibly beneficial for gardens, and while many people don’t like to be around them, the holes that they create in your turf can help aid soil ventilation. If you really don’t want bees in your garden, avoid planting shrubs and flowers that might attract them.

  • Grubs

Many lawns suffer from recurring grub infestations, and as they will merrily munch their way through the roots of your grass for months on end, it’s best to hire a professional gardening company to eliminate them for good.

By following the tips above and taking pride in your lawn, you can enjoy it throughout the summer months, and head into autumn with fewer grassy problems to tackle.

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