Madoka Magica 4 is the newest edition of the Japanese anime television series created by Magica Quartet and animated by Shaft

This is the fourth edition of the popular Japanese anime television series, and it promises to be an even more exciting slot game than the previous ones! Magica Quartet and Shaft, two of the most well-known names in the anime industry, are behind まどマギ4.

What can fans look forward to in this new installment of the series? Well, we can’t say too much right now, but we can say that it will be full of action, adventure, and suspense.

Madoka Magica 4 Game Flow

Madoka Magica 4 Slots begins with the normal stages “School Stage,” “Cafe Stage,” and “Kaname Family Stage.” You can get into the “Chance Zone” and “Witch Battle” if you play enough games with rare roles.

It will become “Magica Rush,” which will be the main release ball for this work if the witch battle and chance zone production works out. You can also get more than 2,000 balls with the Premier Flag in the “Ultimate Bonus.”

AT “Magica Rush”

Magica Rush is an AT-style difference number management system for starting numbers of 100 or more. In Madoka Magi 3, the Magical Rush lottery was done through a fake bonus. In Madoka Magi 4, the Magical Rush is the first hit itself.

As part of Magica Rush,  you need to win the “Magica Attack” and “Walpurgis Night” “bonus” and “extra” zones. A Magica Attack zone lasts for two games, and any extra number, pseudo-bonus, or Walpurgis Night win is confirmed when you enter it. You can also use “Magica Battle” to get in.

There’s also a game called “Ura Magica Attack,” and if you keep playing it for six games, you’ll get a bonus. Walpurgisnacht is an extra special zone with 5 games that are all part of the same set. Keep going at 50, 67, or 80%. It’s possible to say that it works well with Magica Attack.

Ultimate Bonus

Some of the roles in the Madoka Magica series that have already been confirmed will be “Ultimate Bonuses.” The game is made up of “Exclusive Episode I,” which has 50 games, “Prayer of Relief,” which is in an extra special zone, and “Exclusive Episode II,” which also has 50 games.

Prayer of Relief is an extra zone with 5 games per set that confirms a difference of 3 when played again. Also, the rate of loops is as high as 90%. During rush, you can expect to make an average of over $2,000!

About the ceiling

There is no doubt that パチスロまどマギ 4 has a very good ceiling performance. The ceiling target for Mado Magi 4 has become a hot topic on the slow board, but the upside is that AT confirmation will happen when it gets there. 

You can exchange up to 700 games, but if they are all the same, the machine discount will go over 100% after 115 games. You will still be able to play 100% of the games even if you swap the 5.6 cards and switch to 230 games.

It may seem like a long way to go from 115 games to 700 games, but with 39 games per 50 cards, the investment isn’t that big. The number of shallow games, on the other hand, has a high expectation ceiling, so it’s important to know when to stop.

In the AT, it’s fine to stop right away after making sure the good section lamp is off, but it’s better to move on to the next AT if the high-precision stage “Homura room” or the bonus cut-in is “Ultimate Madoka & Homura.”


There are many different symbols that can be used to make winning combinations in the Mado Magi 4 slot games. There are also a lot of bonus features in the game that can be used to win more money.There are many different ways to bet on the スロットまどマギ 4 games. Players can bet on one line, more than one line, or the whole reel. There are also a lot of bonus features in the game that can be used to win more money.

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