The U.S. women’s national basketball team won the 2022 World Basketball Championship.

The other day the U.S. women’s basketball team was able to win the 2022 World Basketball Championship. In the final, China was defeated.

The statistics of both teams’ performances at the World Cup are striking. The American team won the tournament for the third time in its history. The Chinese team can’t boast a tournament win, but it’s the second time they’ve appeared in a decisive game.

China – USA 61:83 (13:18, 20:25, 14:25, 14:25).

Estimated result of the match was clear in the beginning of the meeting. From the very beginning the Americans were dominating the game. By the 10th minute of the game the lead between the teams exceeded 20 points. By the end of the game the gap was already 30 points, seemingly an obvious victory. However, towards the end of the game the Chinese playmakers managed to decrease the score difference to 22 points.

We can say that such result is quite logical, in fact before the beginning of the tournament many experts were giving preference to the basketball players from the USA. The team is in great shape now and has a good roster with a lot of star players. Definitely one of the strongest, if not the strongest team in women’s basketball at the national level.

On the American side the most productive player was A’ja Wilson with 19 points. Li Yueru – representative of Chinese team scored the same 19 points and became the most productive player of her team.

The host country of the tournament – Australia – was not left without medals either. Even though the team didn’t make it to the final, it still managed to win the bronze medal of the tournament. In the match for third place, the Australians fought with the Canadian team. The game ended with the score 95:65. A hard win for the host of the tournament.

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U.S. records on the international scene

Representatives from America have already won 11 trophies in the main women’s basketball forum. Another interesting fact is that it was the American basketball players who won the first-ever World Basketball Championship in 1953. No other women’s basketball team in the entire world has been able to do this.

It’s also important to note that this was the fourth consecutive gold medal for the U.S. women’s basketball team at the World Championships.

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