Things To Know Before Appealing A Dismissal From Medical School

It is common for a medical student to feel that the ordered dismissal is unjust and that the authority should reconsider the matter as it involves the student’s career. However, in such a case, one needs to calm themselves, which might be difficult, and try to resolve it through settlements as soon as possible. Once all other alternatives are already explored, the student would still be left with the final option to appeal a dismissal from medical school. But students who will be going forward with their decision to appeal should keep in mind that proper evidence needs to be presented rather than simply claiming that the decision is unfair. 

The Procedure Of Appeal:

A letter of appeal needs to be written to the chair of the concerned department highlighting the reason behind one’s contention encompassing the decision of dismissal. Once the chair successfully receives the letter, they will speculate upon it along with a group of faculty for the purpose of review. Before the final decision, they may also consider interviewing the students, after which the decision will be conveyed through a letter. 

The Review Procedure:

Throughout the entire process of appeal, the student will be informed of the progress. If a recommendation for dismissal involves the appeal, the student needs to inform the Dean of Affairs foregrounding their intent for appeal. One must do this within a specific time given to the student by the authority. 

Possible Outcomes Of The Review:

After thoroughly reviewing the appeal, any of the following decisions can be taken by the Dean:

Acceptance Of The Appeal: This occurs as a result of the Dean’s recognition of an error in the procedure, who will then initiate the compensation procedure where the student will be given a chance the be reinstated. 

Rejection Of The Appeal: The decision of rejection occurs if the Dean finds that the appeal lacks strength and self-awareness on the part of the student.

Establish An Appeal Committee: In some cases, the Dean will inaugurate a committee who will go through all the written records and allow the student to consult an advocate and present them in an in-person hearing.

Final Thoughts:

It is advised for the medical student to hire an attorney as early as possible for a better outcome of the case and also to ensure that the student gets a fair chance to present their side of the story. 

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