Top Reasons Why You Should Rent Your Printer

Purchasing a printer seems to be a financial burden for number of small enterprises. Besides the expenses involved in supplies and maintenance, allocating funds to procure a copier is frequently deemed unprofitable. As per a study, a whopping 80% of firms opt to lease their printers instead of making a purchase. Leasing multifunctional printers is a budget-friendly alternative, enabling you to fulfill your printing requirements without making a substantial investment.


Opting for rental instead of making an upfront payment is a wise move that enables you to allocate your capital to other business expenses. This approach is particularly beneficial for startups or businesses that are uncertain about their printing or copying needs over a certain period. Renting also offers the added advantage of being tax-deductible, except for VAT that is initially capitalized. By renting a printer or copier, you can avoid making a large lump-sum payment and instead convert the amount into smaller payments at a set schedule.

  • Flexible payments plan

You can pick charge plans according to your convenience. You may even pick out the duration and terms of the lease agreement to have optimal charge flexibility.

  • Fixed monthly payments

Rental agreements are designed to guarantee a predetermined amount to be remitted on a monthly basis by the person or company, along with any extra or unforeseen costs accrued.

Supply Cost

Lease contracts frequently do not cover the expense of supply transportation, which ultimately lessens both the initial and monthly expenses. Regional providers that lease copiers provide ink toners and cartridges at significantly discounted rates. Unquestionably, purchasing them from retail outlets can be 5 times more expensive than leasing.

Zero headaches on end-of-life issues

Similar to any other electronic device, printers can experience unexpected malfunctions and damages. Nevertheless, certain models may become obsolete sooner than their counterparts, which can ultimately impede your company’s operations. However, using outdated printers can be a hassle, especially in a fast-paced setting. Over the past few years, there has been an increased focus on environmental concerns, particularly e-waste. Numerous printer leasing companies adhere to eco-friendly disposal regulations established by domestic and international organizations when disposing off worn-out printers. Thus, you need not worry about disposing off yourself. Simply return them, and the company will handle the rest.

No more maintenance cost

Typically, printers are rented out based on a set agreement that may differ according to one’s conditions or requirements. Frequently, printers experience malfunctions that incur a substantial repair expense. However, with leased printers, you don’t have to be concerned about the costs of upkeep or fixing since they are covered by the providers. Simply contact them for any technical assistance or sporadic system glitches.

Training and installation

The majority of leasing companies offer complimentary instruction and setup assistance. They will transport a collection of printers, establish them, and educate the personnel on how to efficiently operate them. This conserves a significant amount of time since workers do not have to use their precious time attempting to comprehend the features of photocopiers.

It can be stated with certainty that leasing a printer is a convenient and cost-effective option. If you are in search of a printer rental service, Paw-Print is the ultimate destination. It is a highly reliable printer rental company with a vast clientele and partnerships across various sectors throughout UK.

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