Travertine Use for Exterior and Interior Wall Cladding

Natural stone walls consist of weather-resistant and frost-resistant natural stone slabs. Travertine is available in different colors and finishes that can be utilized for exterior wall cladding. This stone material is ideal for places with rough weather conditions because it is durable and has withstood the test of time. 

There are many slabs that have porous or irregular surfaces but have almost straight sides. That’s what makes the stone so unique. You would have perfectly cut slabs with natural porous structure, which is the state of the stone. You may wonder if this is suitable for an external wall cladding. Actually it is, and with time, the wall cladding will also change and add a unique character to the building. Industrially cut and processed travertine stone slabs are very proportional. Travertine comes in tiles and bricks that can safely be used for exterior decor. You can check out Bricks Travertine Bianco Maremma, if you are looking for excellent quality travertine. If you want to learn more about using travertine for wall cladding, keep reading this article. 

Often used for wall cladding, cut stone can be cemented on the facade. Quarry stones are suitable for a dry stone wall, but they can also get plastered. Granite, basalt, porphyry, quartzite and limestone have proven their functionality and frequent use.

A dry stone wall is constructed of loosely laid natural stones without mortar, supported by their own weight. It sounds like something unstable, but it is not because stones get wedged, and there can be larger joints or gravel.

Most often, retaining walls on slopes with a height of up to 120 centimeters are built this way. However, if children play in the garden, you will need to fix the top row of stones better.

A natural stone wall is very stable, and depending on how you design it, it can look nice and smooth or rustic old fashioned.

With travertine, you can create wall claddings with a height of two meters and more. Of course, if the wall is more than 5-10 meters, due to calculations, you need to call specialists to design it.

It is best to use specialists’ expertise. If you want the wall to act as a slope or include drainage is crucial, especially if the soil is heavy and that water cannot stay behind the wall.

Various Travertine Slabs for Exterior Wall Cladding

When building natural stone walls, avoid creating weak points in the wall – where four slabs meet at the right angles. You can use stones of the same or different thicknesses, so two rows of various types are formed. Multi-layer coating over the slabs is ideal for dressed stones for more irregular and dry walls. Different stones are also suitable.

Travertine wall cladding for the exterior makes the building unique and beautiful like nothing else. If you want your office or home to stand out, that’s your stone. Many people believe it is more suitable for more sophisticated or classic-looking buildings. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are plenty of examples of travertine wall cladding for the facades of modern and contemporary minimalist buildings that look stunning. You can also use bricks for you exterior garden decor. Bricks Travertine Bianco Maremma are an excellent choice for any garden or backyard. 

Travertine Wall Cladding for Your Home Interior 

Travertine wall cladding is not only suitable for exterior facades. The gorgeous stone is ideal for interior solutions like wall cladding for the living room, kitchen and hallways.

This magical natural material can glow under any light. Picture in your mind having warm beige or yellow travertine wall cladding in your living room and the delicate sunrays touching the material at sunset – tranquility at its best.

Travertine interior wall cladding is suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways. Because the material is so versatile and comes in various finishes and colors, it suits any interior decor, regardless of the style you go for.  Imagine the beautiful beige nuances with picturesque patterns around the fire place in your living room. Why not combine with a beautiful travertine coffee table or dining table to make the interior look even more complete?

Rest assured, your guests will remember the beautiful design for a long time because that is what travertine does – it forms a memorable impression, just as the beautiful colors and patterns on each tile or brick.

In Conclusion… 

Travertine is a remarkable natural material to work with. This stone is precious for designers and architects who know it is not only easy to work with and maintain, but also creates an incredible atmosphere that no other stone can replicate. Formed in the hot springs of Tivoli, Italy, over thousands of years, this stone tells its unique story to every who gazes at it.

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