Using Branded Promotional Canopies to Put Your Brand Front and Center

Do you know why some fledgling brands go on to become major successes while others die out, despite offering the same band of products and services? The answer is ‘effective brand promotion’. When you are vying for the same market amid stiff competition, it’s difficult to get noticed. But that’s what is going to create all the difference between success and failure. The key is to devise a marketing strategy that is unique and catchy, and pulls potential customers to a particular brand. And to implement a marketing strategy you need marketing tools.

What is common to all major outdoor eventsthat involve brands? The answer is promotional canopies. You must have noticed the sea of colorful team tents in motorsport paddocks or arrays of brand pavilions in tradeshows. They are there to serve two important purposes –

  • Provide a safe shade to occupants.
  • Promote their respective brands.

It goes without saying that event tents have revolutionized outdoor events. it’s impossible to imagine any event without these purposeful accessories! Wedding ceremonies, corporate parties, fundraisers, bonfire nights – they all look fabulous in the presence of event tents. And, these versatile accessories are helping brands get noticed too!

Here’s how promotional canopies can help put your brand front and center.

1. Get noticed

The reason you are at an event is to get noticed. What a branded promotional tent does is showcase your –

  • Products;
  • Brand imagery;
  • Approach;
  • Professionalism

A striking brand pavilion stays on in the subconscious of even the most casual onlooker. The impact it has on eager visitors is permanent. And this helps create a steady base of loyal customers.

2. The impact of logo, colors and slogans

People often ask, “What makes a logo memorable?”. A proper logo is –

  • Simple
  • Catchy
  • Versatile, in that it can be resized, reprinted, or used on various platforms without hassle.

Keep this in your mind while having your brand logo designed. And by all means, have it printed on your promotional canopy tent before heading for a promotional event! You want people to remember your brand logo and talk about it.

The choice of theme colors is subjective. But humans, in their subconscious, tend to associate different attributes to different shades. It’s worth keeping this in mind before homing in on your brand colors. Here’s a list of attributes associated with different colors:

  • Red – signifies power and authority
  • Blur – accentuates a calm approach
  • Pink – suggests lively nature
  • Yellow – emanates confidence and flamboyance at the same time
  • Purple – exudes a regal charm
  • Gold – stands for pride and quality
  • Orange – radiates pure energy
  • Brown – although a somber tone, it represents calm confidence
  • Black – use black as a contrasting color to accentuate other hues

How do you want people to look at your brand?

Remember to ask your tent manufacturer to render your custom tent in your brand colors while placing the order.

A word on slogans and taglines

First, let’s understand the difference between a slogan and a tagline. Both are catchphrases used to draw the attention of potential customers. However, while a tagline goes with a brand as a whole, a slogan stands for a particular product or product group.

That said, the same principles work for both, when it comes to creating the perfect statement.

  • Concise – say what you have to say in as few words as possible. Brevity is the key.
  • Catchy but not offensive.
  • Easy to remember – complicated statements are absolute no-no.
  • Unique and doesn’t infringe on others’ copyrights.
  • Caters to your target audience.

Now that you have an idea of how to create the perfect tagline or slogan, you need to consult your tent maker about having it printed on your promotional tent. Here’s what you need to look out for during the printing process.

  • Make sure the text is printed in large and legible fonts.
  • The letter size should be large enough to be visible from afar.
  • You can experiment with spacing and alignment, but make sure not to overdo things.

3. Make use of promotional banners, tent flags and PVC walls for added impact

A bare-bones custom tent isn’t going to help you much in a venue chock-a-block with competitors. You need accessories that can ramp up the visual appeal of your pavilion. A smart approach is to employ branded PVC walls along with your tent to create a closed environment that exudes an indoor vibe. It’s easier to meet and greet potential customers and educate them about your products and services in such an environment.

Custom promotional banners go a long way in promoting brands. Why, they have been used since antiquity to spread messages! Place them in strategic locations across the venue and beyond to direct visitors to your brand pavilion. Use them before and after the event to keep customers excited about your offerings.

4. Tents are portable and durable – exactly what you need from a marketing accessory

Modern outdoor tents are manufactured from lightweight and durable materials like PVC and polyester. This makes them easy to transport, install, and take down. They also help maximize your budget by lasting for years on end.


Investing in a custom tent is money spent well. It adds to your business assets and keeps you one step ahead of competition. However, it is always advisable to buy your tent from a reputed manufacturer. They have entire teams dedicated to catering to customer requirements and will take the time to understand your needs and deliver a product that meets your requirements to a tee.

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