What is one advantage of hunting from an elevated stand?

A huge number of methods have been invented to hunt wild animals. Each of these options requires a special approach to the preparation process, the choice of weapons and equipment. Among the unusual methods, the process of tracking animals with the help of an elevated stand is highlighted. It is distinguished by many nuances, and also requires all participants to strictly observe safety rules. This approach will eliminate the occurrence of various troubles and contribute to obtaining maximum pleasure.

What is an elevated stand?

The product used for shooting animals from a height is called an elevated stand (ES). Often this device is installed on a solid, high and slightly remote, from vegetation, tree. However, in some situations, natural hills are also suitable for its arrangement.

Many prefer to hunt from a tree with a bow. The platform used is maximally adapted for this type of activity. It makes it possible to sit down and wait for potential prey. In this case, the location of a person outside the field of view of potential prey increases the likelihood of success, gives a chance to accurately aim and shoot in the absence of extraneous obstacles. ES is also used by fans of firearms. In this case, there is no need for any drastic changes in the preparation or tracking of prey.

Different types of elevated stands

When hunting various living creatures, a large number of elevated stands are exploited. Among the many available products, four are in demand and widely used. Each of these models has differences in design and is intended for the extraction of certain representatives of the fauna.

Popular varieties:

  1. Hang-on. This variant of ES is well known and widely used. It is distinguished by the simplest design and requires only mounting on the trunk with the help of special straps. In addition, such a product does not contain additional devices that allow you to quickly rise to a height. This disadvantage makes it necessary to select suitable trees that can be climbed without outside help.
  2. Self-climbing. This type of design is popular with fans of small mining. It is a prefabricated structure that is delivered and assembled on site. It consists of two parts, designed to rise to a height with the user. All this gives a chance to independently select the optimal location and lifting range. The disadvantage of this type is the large weight and dimensions of the structure. In this regard, you have to take a minimum of equipment with you.
  3. Ladder. Experts consider this type convenient and practical. It has a fairly simple design, in which a platform and a small ladder are attached to a rigid base. The latter simplifies the process of climbing to a height as much as possible. Ladder is attached to the barrel with special straps, after which it becomes immobile. The only disadvantage of this design is its large dimensions.
  4. Tower. This option is considered the best by many hunters. It creates comfortable conditions in which it is pleasant to wait for living creatures and enjoy natural beauties. Tower are overall products. Their installation requires a lot of effort and tens of minutes of time, so this work is often done in advance. The result is a semblance of a tower, from which it is convenient to shoot at close approaching animals.

Safety precautions to remember when using an elevated stand

It is always important to think not only about production, but also about safety. Its organization is a priority for any hunter. When using an elevated stand, the security measures are slightly different from the classic hunting methods.

Safety regulations:

  1. When buying or creating your own ES, you need to ensure that it meets generally accepted standards. The purchased models must have a special certificate indicating that the product complies with all standards and proving that it has been repeatedly tested.
  2. It is recommended to use suspended platforms only during daylight hours. At night, such a structure will become practically useless and its operation will be associated with certain risks to life and health.
  3. This product comes with various safety devices. They are often additional safety belts and other elements that reduce the likelihood of unpleasant situations. All of them must be used. Only then can the product be operated safely.
  4. Climbing up to the platform and going down from it, remember the rule of 3 points. According to him, you need to have at least 3 points of support at any given time. This increases stability during ascent and descent, and also reduces the likelihood of various injuries. At the time of operation of the lifting system provided for in the design, you should firmly hold on to special partitions and safety handrails.
  5. When starting to climb or descend, inspect the surrounding area. Otherwise, a predator or a swarm of bees may be on the selected trunk, and a dangerous animal or plant (a poisonous snake, a plant that causes skin irritation) is waiting below.
  6. Sleep well a few hours before the event. If you neglect this, then sitting on the platform and listening to the birds singing, you can quickly fall asleep. This will increase the likelihood of losing balance and getting any injury.
  7. A self-made or bought stand is calculated for a certain weight. Therefore, do not overload it, as in this case it may collapse. The result will be a fall with all the ensuing negative consequences.

What is one advantage of hunting from an elevated stand?

High ground hunting is a popular activity for beginners and professionals alike. This fact is explained by a large number of positive and a minimum of negative points.

Important advantages:

  1. Expanded field of view. It provides access to the observation of the surrounding area from a height and coverage of a large area. Also, when viewing the area from a height, dense thickets, tall grass and fallen trees will not interfere with you. All this will help to quickly detect potential prey and get enough time to aim.
  2. Stealth. Most living beings will not detect a person. This is easily explained by the fact that there will be practically no human smell on the surface and you will be out of sight of the prey. Also, the potential victim will not see the hunter’s movement and will not run away to a safer place. Such secrecy will increase the chances of success and allow you to return home with good booty.
  3. Increased security. Not only harmless herbivores live in the forest, but also predators dangerous to humans. Therefore, hunting from a hill will be an additional protection. Even if you come across an animal that climbs trees well, then you will have time for shots that can kill or scare away a predator. In addition, being at a certain distance from the ground will virtually eliminate the likelihood of injury as a result of shooting other hunting enthusiasts.
  4. Improved accuracy. Opening fire from above on an unsuspecting living creature that is peacefully grazing in a meadow or going about its daily business is quite simple. In this case, the probability of an accurate hit becomes as high as possible. During shots, various plants do not interfere with the flight of ammunition, as well as the reaction of animals, due to which they quickly run away for a long distance.
  5. Beautiful view. Another characteristic is the ability to fully enjoy the beauty of wildlife. It will give a chance to usefully spend minutes waiting for the animals to approach the place of the sit-in.

Hunting from any hill is always interesting. This activity is slightly different from the classic hunt and requires certain skills. Also, all participants in the process must comply with safety rules that exclude the occurrence of various troubles. If you manage to do everything right, then you are guaranteed unforgettable emotions and a large amount of loot.

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