What is the Environment?

You’ve probably heard the term “environment” before, and if so, you probably want to know what it is and how it affects us. The term “environment” encompasses all of the living and non-living things around us. The term “natural environment” is generally used to refer to the Earth. It includes the air, water, land, and minerals found in our immediate environment, as well as other places we visit.

In a broad sense, the environment is everything around us. There are different types of environments, such as the natural environment and the built environment. The built environment, on the other hand, is the area that has been altered by humans. For instance, a hill and an atmosphere are the two elements of a system, while the latter provides drag. A typical definition of the environment traces its origin to the early 17th century. In today’s society, environment refers to the interplay of living systems in an area, often governed by processes that are external to the human race.

There are many types of ecosystems, with many of them defined by climatic or geographic factors. Some consider the whole earth’s surface as an ecosystem. However, the common usage of the term ‘environment’ is bound by many assumptions and beliefs about the concept. All of these uses, however, assume that ‘environment’ exists in relation to humans. Hence, the term “environment” is often used to describe all of these things.

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