When is Dental Veneers Right For Your Teeth?

Are you worried that you do not have bright and healthy-looking teeth? Well, it is no lie that a person’s smile is highly vital in building their confidence. While there are numerous options to improve your smile or your teeth, veneers are a popular option. You might want to get them if you wish to cover stained or chipped teeth. They do not look artificial at all and appear natural. Nevertheless, you should know everything about it before considering getting them. If you live in Greenwich, you can get veneers Cos Cob from the best dentist in the area!

What are veneers?

Veneers are just shells the dentist puts on your teeth with a shiny and bright appearance. They are made using porcelain or composite resin that consists of porcelain. Do you know why they use those materials? Well, it is because they never stain! Be it the fear of yellowish or brownish teeth or visible teeth gaps- veneers will hide them wotpost

Are veneers really for me?

As you expected, not every treatment is for everyone. Your dentist will suggest alternatives to veneers in the following cases:

  • If you have tooth decay or previously experienced it, the dentist might recommend you get veneers after it has been treated.
  • Gum disease is another disease that can visibly damage your teeth. In some cases, it even causes tooth or teeth loss. If you are suffering from the disease, treating it as soon as possible is better. In this case, as well, veneers will be recommended only after treatment.
  • If the topmost layer, or enamel, has eroded, the veneers might not stick properly to the teeth.
  • If a part of your tooth is missing, the dentist will recommend you get a crown.

When to get veneers?

You now know that you cannot get veneers solely because you feel like doing so. A dentist may recommend it to you in the following cases:

  • If your teeth are chipped
  • If your teeth are broken
  • If your teeth are of unusual shapes or appear pointy
  • There are gaps in between your teeth that are easily visible when you smile
  • If the stain or colors on your teeth do not go away even after teeth whitening or practicing good oral sccbuzz hygiene
  • Your teeth are too small for your face

If you check any of the conditions given above, visit a dentist and ask for their recommendation on getting a veneer. Once you get them, practice good oral hygiene- brush and floss regularly using fluoride toothpaste.

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