Why an Online Master of Education Leadership Matters in 2022

Leadership in education has never been more important, and more valued. In 2022, the current times bring forth unprecedented issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing violence, and the need for online learning. For educators and prospective school administrators, knowing how to handle these situations and provide a welcoming environment for students and teachers is crucial. That’s why it’s important to stay up-to-date on your leadership and management training, and even take steps to improve it. One of the best ways to improve your leadership and management skills in 2022 is through a Master’s in Education leadership program.

What is an M.Ed Leadership Program?

A Master’s in Education is also known as an M.Ed, and it is a type of graduate degree offered to students with a bachelor’s under their belt. Educators are also welcome to enroll in Master’s in Education courses in order to obtain a graduate degree and improve their leadership skills.

There are various types of Master’s in education programs with different concentrations. A Master’s in Education leadership degree can help educators and school administrators:

  • Learn how to give valuable feedback to their peers and school staff. Lack of feedback is actually listed as one of the issues impacting teacher retention and job satisfaction.
  • Learn how to lead others, including staff and students, during times of crisis. It’s no secret that violence, stress from the pandemic, and growing mental health concerns pose an issue for both students and teachers. Learning how to manage and lead during these crisis situations is now more important than ever.
  • Address issues of diversity and inclusivity. As an educator, you have a duty to ensure all students are getting the best education possible, regardless of disabilities and other barriers. 
  • Conduct research to implement new procedures and changes to teaching curriculums to improve student learning outcomes.

Is a Master’s in Education Worth it in 2022?

Obtaining a Master’s in Education improves salary prospects, with M.Ed holders earning a salary of around $61,000 a year, as opposed to people with only a teaching credential that earn roughly $57,000 per year. In addition to earning a higher salary, people with Master’s in Education also have better job outlooks, with the United States Department of Labor reporting higher earnings and lower unemployment rates for educators with graduate degrees in 2021. 

Why do Employers Want Someone with an M.Ed?

If you’re a teacher and want to improve your chances of a promotion, change careers, or even be part of your school’s administrative staff, then an M.Ed is right for you. Having a Master’s in education, especially one geared toward leadership and management, makes you the perfect candidate for schools that want fresh insight, and advanced learning, and who want to ensure student and teacher morale remain high.

Now in 2022, changes in school learning, including online learning and hybrid courses, are also affecting the ability of students to learn efficiently in some cases. Thus, schools are looking for talented individuals that know how to mitigate these learning barriers for students and children like.

Earning Your M.Ed Online

You can enroll in in-person classes or, better yet, earn your online master of education leadership in as little as one year! These online courses are better suited for administrators and teaching professionals that have full-time jobs, part-time jobs, and need flexible scheduling. Students that need to stay at home due to caring for children or a loved one can also benefit from an online M.Ed program. 

For students with tight budgets, completing an online Master’s in Education program also has benefits including:

  • Helping save money on travel expenses, such as bus and train tickets
  • Helping you continue to work full-time and not have to take time off your work schedule
  • Saving money on wear and tear and mileage on your vehicle
  • Saving money on tuition expenses to live on-campus

Whether you choose to obtain your M.Ed online or in-person, this is one of the most valuable graduate degrees for educators that can help them positively impact schools, students, and teachers.

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