Why do You Need a Kiosk App for Schools?

For the last decades, even though technology is on the rise and the world is changing, it still hadn’t affected the school systems until COVID kicked in. Before that, and even now, parents and school management are afraid that the freedom of technology might spoil children rather than help them get a better education. As in the past, we have seen several cases around the world where kids used digital media for the wrong purpose and put themselves in jeopardy. So, it is justified if parents are afraid of the same scenarios again.

But, COVID has changed the game. Now, technology is a part of learning. Distant learning was made easier through the help of online classes and stuff. So, it is hard to roll back to traditional ways of learning whereas our gen Z is changing every moment. To keep things secure and safe, educational institutes have made use of the kiosk app that can help them provide a pure learning experience to the kids, without any interruptions and distractions. Not only that, kiosk apps have made the learning experience better in a lot of ways.

Computers and mobile devices have reinvented the learning experience that was unchanged for several decades. As our generation is changing, there is a need for better tools for education. With their reduced attention span, the use of technology was required to make learning better in classrooms. Globally, the e-learning market is evolving and becoming better with time. Now, old and conventional ways of learning are being changed to remote learning, small classrooms, and online learning techniques. While several big institutes have already adapted to the change, there are still a few who see it as risky.

Digital Devices and Risks

When you allow your kids to use digital devices at school, you can think of it as a big risk as well. Kids are not trained adults who know what to do to make sure they are learning only. If they have phones on them, they will be distracted. They might be opening their social media, again and again, checking up on their chats, seeing what is new on social media, taking selfies, sharing content, and whatnot. There are a lot of things for them to do on their phones that don’t include learning.

Along with that, security concerns are also there when you allow the kids to use their phones freely. Gaming, social media, and other entertainment tools on digital gadgets are just a way for predators to get their hands on kids. While parents and management can think that their kids are studying, their kids might just be chatting with their new predator friend on social media. Such security risks can turn into big disasters.

Also, it is hard to keep an eye on what activities are they doing all the time. Cyberbullying, sexting, and a lot of other similar things are very common in kids, and you don’t want them to do these things while they are supposed to be studying at school.

Unfortunately, to resolve such issues, many institutes have turned their computers to 100% administrator use. While it may avoid such dangers, it also kills the purpose of innovative learning. The purpose of e-learning is to make kids creative, let them explore on their own, and learn better. It can’t be done if you don’t let them be independent.

The Use of Kiosk App

To strike the right balance between their independence and learning, the use of a kiosk app is the right way to go. Kiosk apps are popular in various industries from corporate to retail POS, ATMs, wayfinders in malls, interactive standalone, information displays, etc. Among these various industries, the Kiosk app is also best suited for the education sector where it can be used to provide pure learning for students. Here is how kiosk app can help students for better learning experience:

Limited to Educational Content

With the right MDM solution and kiosk apps, you can limit computer usage to education only. Kids can roam around on the internet, search for content for their lessons, make projects, get creative, and much more within the limitation of staying around education only. The kiosk app will make sure that the content that they search for is for educational purpose only, and all other irrelevant sites and data is blocked.

Not All Applications Can be Installed

If they want to install some applications for educational purposes, they can do that using the computers. But it is made sure that not all applications can be installed by them. The installations are also limited to the applications that are education based only. They cannot install the applications for entertainment purposes.

Uninterrupted Learning

When many applications are downloaded, many websites are opened, and the content is retrieved from various resources, viruses and spam can enter the system. Mostly unguided and immature use of computers can lead to such things that can be expected by kids. But with the right use of the kiosk app supported by the MDM solution, the IT team can keep an eye on the kids as well as their activities on the computer. They can detect the issue the right way and resolve it.

Interactive Sessions

Kiosk apps have given liberty to the management to use technology tools in the classrooms. Since kids are more into technology these days, and they prefer entertainment in everything, they can learn better through digital means. Kiosk apps not only provide a better learning experience but also involve the kids as much as they want.


With VantageMDM, the IT team can monitor every device remotely. They can see what is happening right and what is wrong on each device. They can monitor kids’ activities and see what are they doing. Also, they can monitor the screen when teachers or kids are giving presentations. They can troubleshoot the errors right away because even a small glitch can distract the kids.

Block Social Media

Most of the problems that kids face are due the social media. They use it excessively, share a lot of things there, and turns out, they get themselves into trouble. Where parents might be taking care of the kids at home, it is the responsibility of the school management to do it at school. Kiosks are the right way to do it. You can make sure that the kids are not doing anything wrong at school.

Kiosk apps are a great way of making smart learning for the kids possible where you can maintain their attention intact and make learning better. So, install this MDM-based kiosk app right now and see how it makes changes for the kids and schooling as well. Not only this, but kiosk apps are a great way of making the corporate sector better by providing monitoring solutions for employees and management.

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