Why should we learn English?

There are a lot of reasons as to why you should learn English. The most dominant reason being that English has become an international language which means that it is being used for conversations between two persons who don’t have English as their first language.

There are many others factors too for making English as an international language such as it being used in social media, big news outlets and the journalism. Majority of the sports have commentary in English too.

These are the primary reasons to explain the importance of English. There are many other secondary reasons too which we will explain in the latter section of this article.

So let us explain you the importance of English language.

These things will let you know the true importance of English.

English is important as learning it brings in a lot of applications and also it is skill too. It is cool to have skills in your skillset. But keep in mind you should keep it as a skill and not make it an obsession.

Because obsession is not healthy and it can distract you from your other more important activities such as work and study. English is important because:

1. English is the Business language

At corporate level English is the most dominant language. Multi national companies have made English their corporate language. Because business across the border requires precise and accurate communication which is only possible by using a single language such as English.

This depicts the importance of English in business companies such as Samsung, Apple, and Google. So, you can improve your English by learning and using verbs that start with X presented by Cocosteaparty.com.

2. The World of Entertainment

Majority of the big movies release across the world is from Hollywood and are in English. Similarly, big chunk of content available on Netflix is in English. So, if you want to truly enjoy and have the best experience of these movies you need to learn English.

3. The Internet

You see most of the social media is in English language. Social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat use English as their primary language. So, if one needs to understand the news and gossips surrounding celebrities, he/she needs to know English.

4. Job opportunities

As it is mentioned above many big companies have English as their corporate language. So, it is quite logical that they hire employees that know English language. Job opportunities for people that English are enormous.

They enjoy a handsome salary too. There are many jobs related directly to language such as translator and teacher.

5. Study opportunities

Most of the foreign universities that offer scholarships requires IELTS test. IELTS is an English language test for migration, study or work. It has 9 bands in total and the minimum requirements for universities differ but majority require at least 6.5 bands.

So, it is clear that students that are aiming to go foreign for studies should know English.

6. Travel anywhere

Almost 100 countries have English as their official language. Also, everyone in the entire world knows a word or two about English. So, it becomes very easy to communicate with the foreign people.

7. Understanding of science

Most of the scientific literature including journals, research papers and books are in English. So, if you know English it becomes very easy for you to understand science.

Knowing science, you can do research that can be used for human-kind welfare. Also, there is a lot if money that you can earn through science.

Final thoughts

Learning English is very important as it influences our study, work and daily life. It will not be wrong if I say that if you want to enjoy life you should know English. No doubt it is optional but the benefits it brings kind of pushes it to the side of necessity.

You should try to learn English and then later teach it to your younger generation as English is the future language and kids are our future.

We hope by now you must have understood the importance of English and must be motivated enough to learn it yourself and also guide others to learn it too.

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