Women’s Health – Checklist For an Annual Appointment With a Gynecologist

Women’s Health – Checklist For an Annual Appointment With a Gynecologist

An annual gynecological examination is an important step in preventative care in women’s health. Going to the doctor every year can ensure that there are no existing hidden health concerns and if there are, that they are addressed right away in order to keep them from getting out of hand. Here are some steps to take so that this annual visit is the most productive possible.

Pick a month of the year that is the most Health Checklist for the family  convenient and stick to that month. Teachers may choose to have their annual exams in the summer, for instance, when they have a freed up schedule from work. Busy times of the year, such as the holiday season, are often so filled with social events and holiday preparation that squeezing in one more appointment isn’t feasible.

Choose the most stress free time and schedule a year in advance or mark your calendar with a “make annual exam” notation on the appropriate month.

If a woman has young children, it is best to make other arrangements for their care during the appointment. Having to tend to one’s youngsters is challenging while being examined by the gynecologist. The doctor’s offices often frown on it, as well. This is an important time to focus on one’s self and the care of health.

It’s best to schedule the appointment one or two weeks after a menstrual period. If your cycle is not very regular, it may be best to make the appointment one month before in order to be aware of an impending cycle.

Do not douche or use any feminine deodorant products that will upset the natural chemical balance in the vaginal area. This is important prior to an exam and probably as a good rule in general. Discuss the merits of these products with your physician.

Abstain from sexual intercourse for twenty-four hours before your appointment as it may alter the outcome of routine tests and end up giving an inadequate result.

Come with a written list of any questions or concerns you may have. During the appointment, you may become flustered and forget important queries that you had. It’s also a good idea to write down the date of your last menstrual cycle, as this is information that the doctor will need. An annual gynecological exam is essential in keeping a woman healthy. Keep that yearly appointment and keep in tip top healthy shape.

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