6 Indoor Things That Can Cause Pet Allergies

Allergies can have more or less the same impact, whether it is in dogs or cats. If pup Fido or kitty Kiki finds sleeping on their beds, playing with stuffed toys, lying on carpets, etc., annoying, they might have developed an allergy.

There can be many more allergy-causing things indoors, so pet parents in NZ must take care to keep their homes free from dust, plant pollen, and other irritants no matter what. Also, pet owners can consider purchasing pet insurance NZ, so they have a medical financial backup during pet health emergencies.

The best pet insurance can cover a fur baby’s medical care during allergies, accidents, injuries, specific illnesses, dental issues, and more. Pet owners must know that pet insurance policies come in different levels of cover. So, think about your pup Fido or kitty Kiki’s health needs, pet plan benefits, and affordability before signing up for a policy.

While contemplating purchasing a pet policy, read this article on the common indoor things that can trigger allergies in your pup Fido or kitty Kiki.

Indoor things that can cause pet allergies

There can be various allergy-causing agents at home. So, first, learn what triggers your pet’s allergic symptoms before you look for solutions.

1.Dust mites

Dust mites would most likely emerge as the winner if all the indoor allergens competed in a game. They are one of the most common airborne allergens, just as pollens and molds. However, the reactions may vary from pet to pet. In such a case, a pet may feel itchy, develop rashes due to constant scratching, and have inflamed or red skin. Eventually, a minor allergy can turn into dermatitis.

So, get your furry pet tested and treated as you recognize early symptoms. Regularly wash your pet’s bed, stuffed toys, clothes, and pillows, clean beddings/carpets in all the rooms, and vacuum upholstery and other furnishings to minimize allergic reactions.

2.Specific fabrics

Particular materials in your fur baby’s bed can be another culprit for allergic troubles. For instance, wool, cotton in stuffed toys and beds, feather-based toys, and pet products can spawn allergies. You can explore hypoallergenic mattresses in pet stores and gift one to your furry baby.

3.Other fur babies

Scattered pet dander can trigger allergies. Pet friends can be hypersensitive to new furry family members, just like they can be easily affected by strange people.

4.Chemical substances

When your little paws of fury touch or ingest forbidden things like household cleaners, detergents, soaps, nail paint removers, cosmetics, bathroom essentials like shampoos, chlorine-treated pool water, etc., they most likely will fall sick and require medical assistance.

5.Some indoor plants

Indoor water-soaked potted plants can grow molds on the soil, plus floral plants release pollen seasonally. Both can cause allergic responses in your pet, so it is best to water only as much as the plant needs and nothing more. At the same time, have a few plants and fewer flowering plants inside the home.

6. Smoke

Whether it is cigarette smoke or cooking smoke, please keep your pet away from them. It can trigger breathing issues in your pet, and prolonged exposure to smoke can lead to asthma.

If you notice your pet pup Fido or kitty Kiki scratching, biting, sneezing, coughing, or finding it difficult to breathe, or they have watery eyes most of the time, take them to the vet immediately. Early vet visits can help you avoid chronic pet health issues. Pet insurance in NZ can help you manage hefty vet bills you may have to confront during unexpected pet health scenarios.

The best pet insurance provides comprehensive health coverage. However, you can discover other affordable pet insurance policies with basic health coverage depending on your pup Fido or kitty Kiki’s health needs.

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