A Practical Guide To Playing Online Roulette And Winning

Roulette is one of the oldest gambling options invented by Blaise Pascal, whose roots date back to the 17th century. It was the game for affluent society back then. But not anymore! Today, any casino setting is incomplete without a roulette wheel. The main goal is to bet on the number where you presume the ball will land on the roulette wheel. 

Although it’s a game of chance; still, learning the main rules is crucial for novice gamblers. So go through this detailed guidebook to take your real-money roulette gambling session to the next level.

Benefits Of Learning The Roulette Game

Losing is a part of gambling. But by properly learning the roulette rules and bet types, you can stay alert to avoid huge losses. Losing 5 to 6 bets in a row is your sign of stopping spinning the roulette wheel further. Moreover, the right roulette game strategies will help you to manage your bankroll like a pro gambler. 

For instance, many roulette players apply Martingale System to win the game. It focuses on a money management strategy to win big at once and retrieve past losses. So to recover the losses, a player will increase the wager amount after every bet lost. But this method can lead to bankruptcy for low-stake or newbie players. 

Hence, learning the nitty-gritty of this classic game safeguards a novice player. You’ll be able to enjoy the game and win a few bets without incurring hefty losses.

What Is The Best Strategy For Online Roulette?

To maximize your payout, you must ace the fundamental roulette techniques. From betting on the number or color to knowing the house edge on various bets and table formats, many factors play a crucial role in framing the winning bet strategies in the roulette game.

Roulette Odds And Types

The odds in roulette game varies based on the table format you choose, such as European and American. However, beginners usually go with the European table to enjoy better chances of winning the bet. Here’s how the house edge works on both these roulette variants.

European roulette has a house edge of 2.7% as the casino keeps profits of 1 unit on a total of 37 numbers. Payout calculation on this table style:

(1 ÷ 37) x 100 = 2.7%

Contrarily, the American version comes with a 5.6% house advantage as it keeps profit for two units on 38 total numbers. Payout calculation on this table format:

(2 ÷ 38) x 100 = 5.26%

But your payout will also depend on the type of bet you select to play. So let’s check out the betting options to understand your winning probability in this classic casino game.

Outside And Inside Bets

Outside bets have low payouts but are ideal for newbies. With this bet type, you will place your chips on an entire group of numbers but not a single number. 

Type of outside bets are:

  • Even/Odd – Bet on even or odd numbers on the spinning wheel with a 1:1 payout rate. 
  • Black/Red – Wager on the black or red numbers by placing chips in the chosen color pocket of the wheel. The odds would be 1:1.
  • Low/High – Place bets on either 1-18 (low numbers) or 19-36 (high numbers) with a payout of 1:1.
  • Column – Placing bets on the 1-12 numbers on the Roulette wheel with 2:1 odds.
  • Dozen – To wager on the first twelve numbers (1-12), second twelve numbers (13-24), and third twelve numbers (24-36) on the Roulette wheel. The payout would be 2:1. 

Further, inside bets allow you to place a stake inside the roulette wheel. Hence, the name. Inside bet types include:

  • Street – Bet on three numbers simultaneously on the grid with a winning payout of 11:1.
  • Square/Corner – Bet on a block of four numbers on the grid with 8:1 odds.
  • Split – Wager on two numbers in a row by placing chips between them. A ball landing on either number is a winning bet with a 17:1 payout rate. 
  • Line bet – Also known as Six Line, bet on six numbers on two adjoined streets with 5:1 odds.
  • Straight Up – Simply place a bet on any number of your choice with a 35:1 winning payout.

Roulette Variations

Roulette online real money games are available in three versions on different casino sites and markets globally. 

European Roulette

European roulette is one of the most renowned table game options worldwide. It consists of 1-37 numbers colored alternatively in black and red with a single 0 in the green-colored pocket. Moreover, your odds of winning the wager on this roulette wheel version is 48.65%. 

American Roulette

Popular in the US market, the American roulette version has an additional double zero pocket marked with 00. This table format doesn’t change the roulette gaming rules, but the house edge is more due to the extra number pocket. Hence, many gamblers prefer spinning the European wheel over the American style. 

In American roulette, you can also select a unique bet type called a Five-Number bet that includes 00, 0, 1, 2, and 3 numbers. However, it has a whopping house edge of 7.90%.

French Roulette

Like the European variation, the French roulette wheel comes with a single zero and the same odds. However, its betting board offers a better edge against the house than other roulette forms. The La Partage and En Prison bets are the highlights of this game.

With a La Partage bet, you will get half of your original stakes back whenever the ball lands on 0 on even-money bets. Thus, there are lesser chances of losing your bet completely.

Further, the En Prison bet type allows players to “put the bet in jail.” It means your wager stays on the table board for the next spin if the ball lands on 0. 

Final Word

There is an aura of glamor and mystery with the ball spinning on the roulette wheel. An adrenaline rush is always high while waiting for results. So to turn the wheel in your favor, remember to hone your skills. Staying up-to-date with the game’s rules will be a road to your beginner’s luck.

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