Hiring a new HOA management firm: Things to know

Your homeowners’ association (HOA) needs professional management – period. Not to undermine the board of directors’ authority, but taking care of a community requires much more than finding vendors and contractors to maintain common years. Residents expect to get the services that they are being charged for, and the work of the HOA is to ensure that all tasks are done on schedule and without delays. If your community has been looking for custom services, Click here to learn more. In this post, we are discussing the aspects of hiring a new HOA management firm.

Check their clientele

Property management firms have evolved over the years, but there is no substitute for experience. A firm that has been around for years and has worked with HOAs across the city will certainly know better, and because the company still has an active and thriving clientele, it is evident that its work is solid. There is no harm in asking for references or relevant details to know an HOA company better.

Discuss how they use technology

Even a few years back, residents had to either manually handover or mail checks for dues every month. HOA boards had a challenging time ensuring that all payments were collected and made on time. That’s not the case anymore. Today, more HOA management firms rely on technology than ever before and do everything possible to minimize manual work. When comparing options, it is wise to check how a firm uses technology for community affairs. Apps and software solutions can also help residents get updates, automate accounting work, and more.

Ask about flexibility

An HOA company that knows how to align its profile and experience to meet the demands of each client should be the first choice. Ensure that you talk to the company about their work and how they can achieve the goals and expectations of your association. Proposals from property management firms can give your board a fair idea of what to expect. It is important to check what is included in the price, whether the firm can also offer legal support on demand, and if they are going to assign a team of staff members for the needs of your community.

Lastly, pricing is a crucial factor, but it should never be the only reason to engage a property management company for your community. Weigh the pros and cons in detail to take a call.

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