How to Survive After the First Fight in Relationship?

When you meet a special person, it seems that your romantic story will be just as it is at the very beginning. You arrange pleasant surprises for each other, walk for hours, discuss plans for the future, and do dozens of other things that all couples usually do. Still, one day your perfect connection is destroyed. Something goes wrong and you have the first fight in relationship. What to do? How do you back your closeness again? These are common questions that both men and women seek answers to. Let’s try to give efficient recommendations for surviving after the first big fight in a relationship.

What is Having Your First Fight in a Relationship Like?

You should realize that earlier or later first big fight in relationship after acquaintance will happen and you can’t avoid it. This is a new chapter for your connection and the way you start it greatly impacts what will be next. The most important thing that you should mind is to respect your partner and your relationship. Every your word matters. Take the first major fight in a relationship as a test for your couple. It will either make your connection stronger or ruin it forever. If you are ready to do your best to survive after the first fight in relationship, then keep reading efficient recommendations that may help you greatly. 

How to Handle the First Fight in a Relationship?

Even if right at the moment you think that it is the end, then mind it is not. It is possible to cope with your argument as well as things that happen after your first fight in a relationship. If you succeed, you will make your connection even stronger. So here are a few ways on dealing with the first fight in a relationship:

Make a step back

When a loving couple has their first big fight in relationship, it is important to stop on time and make a step back. Mind that emotions go before you. It is not the right moment to say everything you want as all your words will be dictated by stress, emotions, disappointment, and even anger. it is one of the biggest mistakes that people make for sure. Instead, you are recommended to take a pause. Stop talking or writing messages. Otherwise, you may regret your emotionality.  

Mind your words

When a person is angry, they do not choose words or phrases. It means that you can make even more mistakes when in relationship first fight happens. Also, the person may understand your idea incorrectly simply because you choose the wrong words, intonation, or style.

Listen attentively 

There is no average time for first fight in relationship. But when it happens, you should listen more and speak less.  This way you will avoid saying unnecessary things. All experts agree on this, admitting that being a good listener greatly contributes to building a strong connection. So, listen to your partner attentively, pay attention to their body language, make appropriate conclusions and use the received information wisely.

Look for compromises

The first fight in a relationship quotes mention that there are not only black and white things. Hence, you need to look for compromises if you want to save the warmth in your connection. Avoid saying “We do not match each other”. Instead, recall your feelings, discuss the issue in detail, and decide how you can cope with the situation together. 

Use facts only

What’s next after the first fight in relationship? It depends on your behavior and the things that you say. Experts highly recommend mentioning only facts when arguing. Phrases about everything and nothing will not help for sure. They may only increase the distance between you two. Find out how to motivate yourself when depressed, and keep positive no matter how difficult the moment of the first fight can be.

Forgive and go on 

The worst thing that you can do during the first fight in a relationship is to remember situations that are already in your past. Probably there are things that you didn’t dare to say before as you were afraid to lose your significant other. Mind, it is not the best way to survive after the first official fight. Recalling things from your past may only make the situation worse. So, it is better to forgive and go on. Focus on everything good that you have and do your best to save it.

Summing up

Are you looking for an example of a turning point in the first fight in a relationship? Well, it is when people say things that they are going to regret later. Hence, you are recommended to consider the following tips and act wisely. Take your first fight as a chance to learn from each other better, get closer, and an opportunity to build relationships of your dream in the future.  Is it normal to not have your first fight in a relationship? No, it is not. Even if two people love each other very much, they are two different individuals, each of which has certain peculiarities. Hence, fighting is okay, but the way how you fight is decisive. 

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