What To Consider While Buying A Compact Gaming Laptop In 2022

A gaming laptop is a rather multifaceted definition today: manufacturers and users can understand it differently. If the very idea of playing comfortably on laptops has long been implemented, then everything is still not very clear with the definition of the inherent properties of this class of laptops. Someone strives to make a gaming laptop compact, someone, on the contrary, as massive as possible – and the set of components inside the device depends on the thickness of the case and chassis. In addition, users choose high-performance laptops not only for gaming purposes – for some, in addition to games, rendering, working with photos, videos, in 3D environments, or compiling code is important. Let’s try to figure out what you need to pay attention to first of all when choosing a gaming model in 2022, what subtleties and features lie here.

Focus on chassis and mobility

Recently, in the class of gaming devices, there has been a fairly stable trend towards a decrease in the diagonal of the screen and the desire for more and more thin cases. Many popular brands have introduced new products with a case thinner than 20 mm, which is an almost unbelievable result for a gaming laptop of the past (thick, square and brutal). This is done with an eye to increasing mobility, and hence popularity among users who buy a laptop rather as a universal one, but on occasion they want to play in comfort. Gaming models with diagonals of about 15′′ have become quite normal, which is not always good.

First of all, you need to decide on the form factor of the laptop. To do this, you need to answer the question: in what mode is it planned to operate the device? If a laptop is needed mainly for gaming, then most likely it will be on the table most of the time, as a replacement for a PC. This means that a thin and compact body is of no use to us and is even harmful, since it will make it difficult to cool the components and will be more clogged with dust. Yes, and the components in ultra-thin devices are installed appropriately, with an economical power consumption profile, which means they are less productive. Thus, as a home gaming device, it is better to consider a model with a more “spacious” body and a larger diagonal, all other things being equal. The ideal form factor would be 17”.

It makes sense to consider compact 15” models if the laptop is chosen for a wide range of tasks and its portability is not in last place for you. However, you need to understand that in this case you will most likely lose performance.

Emphasize On The Display

The quality of the display for a gaming laptop is no less important than its performance – on a small and faded screen, you just don’t want to break your eyes. So everything is more or less logical here: you should pay attention to the matrix, refresh rate, diagonal and resolution.

In 2022, the gaming device must have at least an IPS matrix; no TN should definitely be considered, such displays lose a lot in terms of color gamut and brilliance. Such a parameter as response speed is not so important – it is unlikely that such a slow matrix will be put into any gaming model that this will lead to problems that are really noticeable to the eye (for example, loops). So the responses of 1, 2, 3 ms declared by the manufacturer are more like marketing, in practice there are no visible differences.

As for the refresh rate of the picture, here you can give universal advice: more is better, but up to a reasonable limit. The 60Hz display image is less pleasing to the eye than 144Hz, not to mention that the animation in the latter is much smoother. This is important for games, and for any work. The frequency above 144 Hz is almost no visual difference “by eye” and therefore the display does not make it more comfortable. So the universal solution here is to choose a refresh rate of 144 Hz or higher, if this does not entail an overpayment.

Try To Select A Compatible Processor

When choosing a processor, it is worth abandoning chips with an economical profile – performance also depends on TDP, so Intel chips with the “U” attribute are not very profitable for us, although they allow the device to work on battery for a long time (Intel Core i7-10510U / 10810U). A good choice for a gaming laptop will be the latest generations of Intel Core i7 / i9 processors – for example, the popular Core i7-10750H and older (the 11th generation is not yet fully represented), and from AMD chips, you can cite the even more powerful Ryzen 7 4800H or its younger brother Ryzen 5 4600H. For flagship models, we can assume the presence of AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS or Intel Core i9-10980HK as top chips today.

Determine A Suitable Graphics card

The “heart” of a gaming laptop is, without a doubt, a video accelerator. It must be discrete, that is, it must be a chip separate from the processor. We will not consider integrated video cores; let’s just say that they are only suitable for the most undemanding games like CS, and such a laptop will definitely not be called a gaming laptop.

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The main task before the developers is to put a powerful (and therefore hot) video chip into the laptop, while maintaining acceptable temperatures inside the case. Previously, for this, manufacturers could separately limit the energy consumption of a mobile video card, and it was possible to understand which version of it is installed in a particular model: Max-Q, that is, as quiet as possible with low frequencies and power consumption (performance could drop up to 20-30%) , or Max-P, that is, with maximum performance and consumption. Now manufacturers are moving away from this technology and taking into account the total heat pack of the processor and video card, dynamically redistributing power between them depending on the current task. Thus, to understand for sure the performance of a particular model, it is best to look at its tests in various benchmarks and applications and compare the performance. And in practice, a situation may well arise in which a laptop with a previous generation GeForce RTX 2070 Super video card can be equal to or even faster than more expensive models with top-end new RTX 3070/3080 chips.

Which component plays the most vital function in a gaming laptop?

In a gaming pc, a graphics card is considered the maximum vital difficulty that allows all of the other additives to perform their duties. Especially inside the gaming laptops the significance of portraits card beggars description.

How do gaming laptops get sluggish? 

A slow slowdown in performance through the years on laptops is typically a prevent result of the heatsink vanes and cooling fan becoming encrusted with dirt. This degrades the pc’s potential to maintain the CPU and GPU cool.


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