Where Are the Best Software Developers?

Depending on your skill set, you can find a great software developer anywhere. Poland, Canada, Greater Atlanta, and Silicon Valley are just a few of the places to look. If you’re a recent graduate, you may even be able to find a great software developer at the University of Pittsburgh. These major tech hubs are still great places to find software developers. If you’re a student, you may want to consider moving to one of these places.


Software companies vary in their business models and profile. Some of the best-known software companies are headquartered in Canada, such as Open Text and Descartes Systems. Companies like CGI Inc., which offers more than just software solutions, also employ many people in Canada. Other notable companies include Shopify and Descartes Systems, which have a combined market capitalization of $200 billion. Regardless of what type of Software Company you’re looking to join, there are a number of benefits to consider.

For those interested in Onbench technology, Ottawa is a hotbed of talent for software developers. This city is home to the War Museum, Parliament Building, and epic festivals. As a result, the software development industry is thriving in the capital city. Currently, 10% of Ottawa’s workforce is in the technology industry. Companies like Amazon, Shopify, and Twitter are hiring top software developers to help with their latest projects.


With the scarcity of IT specialists in many West European countries, Poland has emerged as the ideal location for companies to outsource their development needs. Not only does outsourcing to Poland save companies money, but it also facilitates the working process. The following are just a few of the reasons why companies should choose to outsource their software development needs to Poland. There are many other reasons as well, including a high level of education and affordability.

Another advantage of choosing Poland as a location for your software development needs is the proximity to major cities in the US, Europe, and the UK. Due to its location, Poland is easily accessible from any major city and can facilitate communication with clients abroad. One of the main challenges that many US companies face when working with an overseas software development company is the time difference, but most software development houses in Poland operate on a flexible schedule and lack time zones that could impede communication.

Greater Atlanta

The tech industry has flooded Atlanta with jobs over the past several years, and the city has made a concerted effort to recruit and groom talent. It has also benefited from the entrepreneurial spirit that has been fostered by schools in the region. In fact, nearly half of all job postings in 2021 will be for software developers and engineers, with nearly as many jobs being for cybersecurity engineers. The region also boasts several historically black colleges, including Spelman and Xavier.

One of the biggest problems facing the tech industry is that many areas lack the culture for software developers. This is due in part to the lack of professional opportunities, STEM unfriendly environments, and low wages. In fact, a lot of tech job-friendly cities in the country rank in the bottom ten percent of all criteria. While these factors are certainly a deterrent for some tech professionals, the Atlanta area offers many positives.

Silicon Valley

Throughout the world, there are various tech hubs, but none is as competitive as Silicon Valley, a sprawling area south of San Francisco Bay. Here, highly-funded and high-powered tech companies compete to hire the best and brightest. Software developers are vital to the success of a firm, and they play a key role in keeping systems up and running. And despite its reputation, Silicon Valley isn’t the only place to look for talented software developers.


As a result, many forward-thinking companies pay their engineers better and give them more autonomy. While factory workers have a clearly defined added value, creative problem-solvers are able to add as much as 10x the value of their work. It is therefore necessary to reward them accordingly. And once they are happy with their new jobs, most of them struggle to go back to the conventional workplace. However, there are a number of advantages to working in Silicon Valley.

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