Live Cricket Scores On Your Mobile Phones

Live Cricket Scores On Your Mobile Phones

For the statistically inclined Cricket fan, the on demand stat can add a new dimension to their knowledge. Such fans can know all about the personal milestones of their favorite players, as well as achievements by a particular team by having a look at the live Cricket score. Live Cricket score has become as a source for Cricket fans to actually feel the excitement of a Cricket match, despite missing out the live action on the Cricket field or on television.

Most Cricket sites provide their  live cricket scorecard  users with a downloadable Cricket score card, but this is the era of mobile phones and wireless communication. People tend to seek information on their mobile phones, because they can’t sit in front of a TV set or Computer screen during the whole match.

Many operators have used this phenomenon to earn profit by sending live scores via sms, but this method is expensive and the information to the user is minimum.

In all this, people are trying to find ways to get cheaper and most information. I myself have been trying to find something new. I have tried many applications which provide live scorecards and other information but none has been able to come close to the quality of Cricket Companion.

Cricket Companion is the newest in the lot and is AMAZING. It is basically a FREE Java based mobile application which uses GPRS to update live Cricket scores on our java enabled mobile phones, but it all just doesn’t end there. It not only provides live Cricket scorecard but it also provides more richer information like graphs, full scorecards, upcoming fixtures, previous results and much more.

Being a Java based application, compatibility is not an issue. This makes it a global application enjoyable in almost all parts of the world on all kinds of mobile phones. Secondly, GPRS technology makes it cheaper. Compressed data allows faster updates, yet keeps GPRS costs to minimum. It beats SMS updates in frequency, speed and cost of information.

Now coming to its features, it gives live coverage of all international Cricket games including Test matches, ODIs and Twenty20 formats. It provides live ball by ball update and alerts for boundary events (4, 6), fall of wicket, milestones (50, 100), match state (rain delay, water break, innings break, etc). It also has full score card providing detailed batting and bowling analysis, event calendar for viewing upcoming matches and results provided with updated points table and Net Run Rates. All information is provided on demand. Polls and quizzes allow opinion gathering within the community and a chance to win great prizes. Finally Ad Server allows advertisers to place ads in every match.

But “Cricket Companion” has still room for improvement. Updated international and regional Cricket news, live ball by ball text commentary and messaging between community members will enhance its performance and quality to a new level.

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