School Library Provision and Services in Sierra Leone

Harrod’s (2000), characterized school library as a coordinated assortment of books set in a school for the utilization of educators and senior kg, yet generally for understudies. It might involve books of reference and additionally books for home perusing and being taken care of by an expert custodian, or educator curator. It is differently call “Informative Materials Center”, “Learning Center or Media focus.”

The School library fills in as an assistance office which upholds the schools’ destinations and gives materials to all subjects and all interest of students and educators. The school library is a strong asset of the school educational plan, its arrangements, administrations, and improvement is aimed at helping school programs (Kinnel, 1994).

Libraries for the most part have as their principle reason getting, handling, putting away and spreading data to which school library isn’t an exemption. The school library plays a fundamental part to play in the data administration. They give materials pertinent to the curricular requirements of everyone with the school local area. The significance of giving such assets can’t be overemphasized if the school library is to be a provocateur of and support for asset based learning in the school.

Likewise, comparable to data abilities, the library and its administrator, make accessible materials and administrations in various assortments to permit the two students and the school local area to utilize these abilities in discovering the data they need.

The reason and

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