How Gold is Used in Dentistry

How Gold is Used in Dentistry

Dentistry is the branch of medical science that deals with the study of the mouth. It involves the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the diseases of mouth. The most often studied structure is teeth. Teeth are the beauty of the face and biologically have great importance in our lives. They are the part, from where the process of digestion begins. They are involved in the chewing process, so the teeth and over all health of the oral cavity is very vital.

With the age or due to the bad 18kt gold tooth gem eating and cleaning habits, the teeth become weak. The other major problem is the holes in the teeth. After meals, food particles remain stuck to the teeth. Along with the bacterial action, these food particles cause the crown to degrade. As the crown decays, the infection moves to the inner portion. This results in the formation of the hole. Through this hole, the food enters into the teeth and causes the nerve endings to produce sensation of pain. Sometimes the condition aggravates and results in pus formation.

There are two solutions to this problem. One is the teeth withdrawal and the other is the restoration of teeth. With the teeth restoration or filling, you can save your teeth. For the restoration purpose, various materials are employed. The most effective and reliable of these materials is gold.

It is the most suitable material to be used in teeth filling. It is important as it retains its properties. We eat all sorts of food. Some have acidic property, like the carbonated fizzy drinks that may cause corrosion. But, here the gold filling is the best one, as gold is a corrosion free metal. Moreover, the gold expands and contracts on the rate of the teeth, thus poses no pressure on it.

Some particular steps are followed during filling the teeth. The first step is examining it with the help of torch. The torch examination enlightens the area and the decay that is stuck in the teeth. Before filling, this decaying part has to be removed.

For this purpose, the patient is given the local anaesthesia to numb the portion, as per necessity. Then by the use of the hand instrument or the drill, this decaying material is removed. The drill or the headpieces contains metal cones called burs. These burs cut through the crown to remove to decay. This process is done in two steps. The first step involves high speed drilling. This drilling cuts through the enamel. The second step involves slow drilling that cuts through the softer portion of the teeth called dentin. Now, the decay can be easily removed with the help of the round bar. Moreover, this drilling process makes the place up to definite diameter to fit the filling material tightly and properly.

Now from hereafter, the procedure of filling starts. Pure in the form of sponge, foils or powder, is introduced into the cavity. This material is then fastened mechanically with it. Then, this is subjected to multistep condensation procedures.

Moreover, on the teeth having more damage, cast gold crowns are used. The gold crown cover the whole teeth, thus, protects its structural as well as the functional integrity for the longer period.

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