Myths of professional steam carpet cleaning

Keeping your carpet neat is essential for all home and business owners. Clean carpets are more appealing, giving the perfect impression of your space and making it healthier and hygienic. Steam cleaning is one of the best ways to keep your carpets clean. But, unluckily, you have so many carpet cleaning myths that affect homeowners badly. Though it is a proven method, the myths give it a setback. Take a look at some of the prevalent myths about steam cleaning your carpets:

  • New carpets don’t require steam cleaning

Your carpet may be new or old, but it is designed to hide dust, stain, grime, and other buildups. In fact, if you notice staining and grime, rigorous damage has already occurred. Schedule periodic steam cleaning appointments to get rid of the grime and stain to maintain the clean and new-like appearance of your carpet. Remember, whether your carpet is new or old, it is time to go for steam cleaning if it has grime buildup.

  • Regular steam cleaning damages the carpet

Modern carpets are crafted beautifully to bear vigorous cleaning and stand up to regular vacuuming and steam cleaning. At a minimum, a carpet should be vacuumed once or twice a week and steam cleaned once or twice a year. For the best results, don’t let this period exceed 18 months.

  • Steam cleaning makes the carpets attract more dirt

Some carpet cleaning methods, when used irrationally, may cause your carpet to collect detergent, which may lead to residual dirt and a dingy appearance. But professional carpet cleaners use the best steam cleaning technique to clean your carpet. They rinse the cleaning solution, leaving your carpet clean and free of residue to attract dust and grime.

  • Steam cleaning leads to mold and mildew growth

Soaking your carpet in water excessively can promote mold or mildew growth. But when you choose professional steam cleaning, it never leads to mold or mildew growth. Steam cleaning, when done correctly, helps extract most of the water from the carpet, helping it get dry within a few hours.

  • The off-the-shelf cleaning products work great

When you use any off-the-shelf cleaning products, they may not be the best for your carpet. Also, when sprinkled on the carpet, the deodorizers can settle on the fibers and attract grime. Rather, you should choose professional steam cleaning services to ensure your carpets are safe and healthy.

  • Anyone can do steam cleaning

You should only do steam cleaning if you have the right tools and professional experience in using those tools. Do not attempt steam cleaning; you may end up doing more damage to your carpets than good.

If you need professional carpet cleaners in Edmonton, you can contact us to schedule an appointment. Our team will visit your space for inspection and estimate. Once you’re okay with the quote, you can choose a day to conduct the carpet cleaning process according to your preference. We shall reach as per your given time to steam clean your carpets.

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